RBI Grade B 2019: Strategy To Cut Through the Clutter


Like any other product, you have hundreds and thousands of sources available for information and study material for your RBI Grade B preparation online and offline. To succeed in RBI Grade B 2019 exam, look for the source that cuts through the clutter of information. Cutting through the clutter simply means “talking to the point through CRISP and RELEVANT content”. 

ixamBee’s RBI Grade B online course is the only course that provides crisp and relevant content. In 2018, 70% of the questions in the exam were covered in ixamBee’s crisp content directly.

Practice memory based tests for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 here.

Strategy to cut through the clutter over the remaining days to Phase 1 of RBI Grade B exam:

  1. Practise and practise :There is no short cut to this; you learn best through your own mistakes and nothing motivates you more than improving your score with every test. All Mock Tests are FREE at ixamBee, so what is stopping you from practicing now??
  2. Share – knowledge is infectious; the more you share and discuss, the more it sticks in your head and brings clarity of concept
  3. Time your performance: With sectional timings introduced, just solving a question is not enough but solving in the given time limit is very important. Any question that takes more than a minute is not worth the effort for the overall score. Practice exam like mock tests for free at www.ixamBee.com with sectional timings.
  4. Attempt past year papers: This will help you focus your energy to relevant topics and not give undue importance to few topics alone
  5. Focused study – Follow broader news and information; do not get into depth of any topic now as it will take up lot of your precious time and may even demotivate you if you are unable to grasp it. Follow our series of “300 most important questions for RBI Grade B 2019” on youtube