Is One Year Enough For Bank PO Preparation?


Online Preparation For Bank Exams 2019

For someone who has been preparing for competitive exams since long, must know by now that the road is not so easy. The level of competition has been increasing with every year and so has the number of people applying for the various jobs. Every year there are numerous job notifications that get released and majority of candidates opt for one of these. Among the competitive examinations, one of the most popular ones is Bank PO. Majority of candidates prefer banking job than any other. There has been a boom in the banking sector and it has gained a lot of priority in recent years. IBPS PO and SBI PO are the two main opportunities for which the job aspirants wait eagerly, through which the candidates can enter the banking industry as a PO (Probationary Officer). The main reason behind the popularity and preference for the job of a bank PO is probably the job security and numerous perks and benefits that an employee receives in his/her tenure. Higher number of people applying for the bank PO jobs is directly proportional to higher competition. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that all those who are willing to get into the banking sector as a PO, have to work really hard to make their way.

IBPS/SBI PO Preparation

Getting a fairly good job these days has become quite a complicated job in itself. The process of becoming a PO consists of a written examination usually divided into two phases further followed by an Interview. Not until you secure really good marks, you will not be able to make a place in the final merit. Looking at the competition, any candidate would face a basic question that how much time is actually needed to prepare well for a Bank PO job. Many aspirants have a common question that will one year be enough for bank preparation? Let’s answer this query here. One year is a good time to prepare for bank PO, provided you do it sincerely. Dedication and consistency will always help you in achieving what you wish for. There are some important points that you need to follow:

  • Comprehension: Comprehend or understand the nature of the exam. It is extremely important to know what to study and what not to study. To achieve desired results, you need to be selective and focused in your preparation.
  • Fundamentals: In the initial period, the first 2-3 months of your preparation phase, you should rebuild your fundamentals of Maths and English of high-school level. It may seem a very basic things right now, but once you take it up, you will realize that you have not really learned your lessons well. Don’t get worried because of that. Your objective here is to beat the competition.
  • Strategy: Clearing such competitive examinations surely requires a good strategy and tactics to save time, attempt a certain set of questions and skipping the others. This would be possible only if you first take an idea by practicing questions in a simulated environment with questions matching the level of the actual examination. You can get some useful tips for exam preparation.
  • Implementation: Preparing a plan is not going to be enough, but actually making the most out of it will prove helpful. Planning needs to be followed by a swift action which would lead to the desired results. Therefore, implementation of the planned strategy is extremely important.

Irrespective of the exam you are going to appear for, your determination and focus should not get swayed at any point, no matter what. Focus should be on your target and you should not let distraction make its way towards you at any point. Perseverance and consistency will surely give you what you aim for.

‘The key to success is to focus on goals and not obstacles’.

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