India Holds the G20 Baton (FufaG comes to India!!) 

India Holds the G20 Baton

India Holds the G20 Baton

India is a land of G’s, we have Parle G, Pandey G, Modi G, and above all FufaG. And the newest addition among these is G20. India has taken the presidency of the G20 Summit from Indonesia for the year 2023.  

One may say, are there any relatives of G20 and the answer would be yes! Let’s look at these groupings briefly   

India Holds the G20 Baton

Other distant relatives of G20  

What makes G20 different from its relatives

(aise kya hai isme jo hum padh rahe hai?)  

How does G20 function?  

Why is Modiji So Happy About It: Opportunities and Challenges

Russia – Ukraine conflict 

Global recession  

Rule based global order  

Champion of Environment

Unanimous voice in stopping terrorism  

What Does India Hope to Achieve Finally? 

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