How To Focus on A Goal?


How To Focus on a Goal?


Goals are important in life not only to achieve success but to build up one’s identity as an individual. As a person, one must be recognized for his/her accomplishments, not anybody else’s. A life without a goal is worthless. Having no goals in life means one has not figured out the meaning of life. It’s like a race without a finish line, running nowhere. They drive us to do work or action and keep us busy and occupied. To achieve them we work and when we work, we learn new things. When we learn new things, we have progressed in life. They are like an appetite for living. A successful person identifies his/her skills and uses them to achieve goals.

             Once the goal is set it’s very important to focus on it with proper planning and strategy to achieve it. Now the question arises what should be the proper planning or approach to achieve them? How one should focus on it and avoid distractions. How one should channelize their thoughts and train their brain to focus on it. So here are some important tips that one should follow to remain focussed –

  1. Analyze what you are passionate about to do in life i.e what you want to achieve and why? Remember money, fame, should not be the motivation behind your goal.  They should be your own goals – self-motivated  
  2. Once you are aware of what your goal is, you should write it down and paste it somewhere where it catches your attention maximum number of times a day. That’s called affecting goal setting because if you do not write, they remain in the abstract, are less real and remain somewhere in the confines of one’s thoughts and lose focus. 
  3. Break the goal down into smaller, more task-oriented goals and set deadlines for that task. Do not try to do multiple things at one go. 
  4. Tap positive energy of other people i.e surround yourself with positive thinkers who emanate positive energy.
  5. Get organized i.e learn the value of time and how to efficiently use it. Learn to recognize what things are urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important.
  6. Do not worry about things that are not in your control. As a human being its natural tendency to anticipate the results after work as a consequence, we lose focus from our quality work and stop progressing further.
  7. Read or listen to positive information every single day. Fill your mind with uplifting and inspiring information, it will keep you motivated. Constantly remind yourself that you are capable of achievement.
  8. Be consistent that is if you are not in the mood, do one small proactive thing that will move you towards your ultimate goal.
  9. Avoid distractions and regenerate yourself by meditation or exercise or spending some time in your favorite past time.
  10. Constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goals by creating a vision board, a mind movie, etc that serves as a constant reminder of what you are working toward. For eg – if you want to become a banker imagine how you will work, what role and responsibilities you have, how you will lead a branch in a time of crisis etc 
  11. Lastly, do not stop or get disappointed even if you fail.  Keep on striving with a passion to improve and learn until you achieve your goal. 

                  Always remember, goals are not achieved because we stop trying after failure or lose focus from it. With these strategies followed from the beginning, one can stay focussed and increase the chances of successfully achieving their goals. 

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