SEBI Grade A Interview 2022: Interview Preparation for General & Research Stream


Read here Technical Aspects of Interview Preparation for General and Research Stream for SEBI Grade A Interview 2022

The SEBI Interview is the last and the most important step in the SEBI Grade A Examination process. This half an hour exercise has the power to change your life and help you achieve your goal of becoming a SEBI Grade A Officer.

“How to prepare for SEBI Interview” and “What is generally asked in SEBI Interview” are two of the most frequently asked questions among aspirants. This article will answer your questions on the SEBI Grade A Interview 2022 preparation as well as provide technical interview tips to help you ace the interview!

SEBI Grade A Interview 2022

3 Aspects of Interview Preparation

1. The interview is a test of your personality more than your knowledge

Many students believe that the interview is a test of their knowledge. It is, however, a personality test, not a knowledge test. There is no single correct or incorrect response. The interview panel only looks at how you respond to a question. More than your knowledge, the panel assesses how you are presenting your thoughts. The interviewer evaluates a few of your personality traits. The panel is only trying to judge the suitability of the candidate.

2. The interview begins with questions about yourself

The SEBI interview panel will ask you questions based on the information you provided on your detailed application form. The questions will focus on your birthplace, hobbies, personal information, and your profile. You will not be asked technical questions in the first few minutes of the interview. 

3. Technical questions can be generic to your own experience

The word technical here describes the SEBI work and SEBI job Profile. As you plan your responses to the most frequently asked questions, jot down anecdotes and specific examples from your previous work experiences so you can elaborate. The questions will be lined up on your experience, background, skills, and questions about your training and certifications.

What to prepare for the SEBI interview?

When you are preparing for an interview you have to work on the three basic aspects of the interview. The aspects are Personal, Occupational and Technical respectively. The interview and the questions asked will mainly revolve around these three aspects only.

  • Personal: In this, the panel wants to get to know YOU. They will ask you about yourself, your hobbies, education, professional and personal background, and other such information about yourself. This is your best chance to tell the panel what you want them to know about you, your skills, talents, experience and record in extra-curricular activities that can make you stand out from the other applicants.
  • Occupational: If you want to join SEBI, then you must know about SEBI as an organization, its work, functions, rules & regulations and more. The occupational questions will be targeting the organization you are heading to join and you must expect such questions to come your way.
  • Technical: The term Technical here describes the SEBI work and SEBI job Profile. They want to know about your technical education and training, as well as how it has prepared you for the position you are applying for. Make sure to mention any special certifications, coursework, or training you’ve received, as well as any academic accomplishments relevant to the position you’re applying for when answering these questions.

Sample Technical Questions

The technical questions can be varied from generic to specific. The universe of the questions may include questions from the economy, financial markets, capital markets, SEBI, and also current issues.


SEBI is the regulator of the economy and the financial markets of the country. Thus, any slight change in the economy will affect the work of SEBI. Knowing the economy and the proportionality it plays with the financial stability of the country must be known by you.

Sample Questions:

  • Union Budget inspired
  • Single securities Market code
  • Setting up of regulated gold exchange
  • Corporate debt market – institutional framework
  • IPO of LIC
  • Disinvestment target and role of markets
  • Economic survey inspired: the Credit rating of India, Opinion on V-shaped recovery, and more
  • Implications of Fiscal policy and Monetary policy
  • Models related to Regression

Financial Markets

Financial markets encompass any marketplace where securities are traded, such as the stock market, bond market, forex market, and derivatives market, to name a few. Therefore, they are necessary for capitalist economies to function properly. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) keeps a close eye on the financial markets.

Sample Questions:

  • What are financial markets?
  • Importance of financial markets
  • Need of regulation in financial markets
  • Role of FPI in financial markets of a country
  • Why do we need to develop a corporate debt market in India?

Capital Markets

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is in charge of regulating the Indian capital markets. By enforcing certain rules and regulations, it monitors and regulates the securities market and protects the interests of investors. Questions based on this topic are more likely to come to you in your interview.

Sample Questions:

  • The difference between capital and the money market?
  • What is the primary and capital market?
  • Meaning of IPO and offer for sale
  • What is MTM and margin trading?
  • What is insider trading? Is it illegal?
  • Derivatives – basic knowledge
  • Hedging and speculating
  • Financial literacy

About SEBI

As stated above you must be aware of the organization and its work and your job profile. The questions you might get are given below.

Sample Questions:

Current Issues

Every organization seeks a candidate who is well-versed in the current happenings. Current issues related to the economy and financial stability of the country might be asked from you.

Sample Questions:

  • Mutual funds and liquidity rules
  • Easing of ownership rules for stock exchanges and clearing corps 
  • IBC and NCLT related
  • Can SEBI act against misbehaving auditors?
  • Saarthi App
  • Why did SEBI impose ₹5 lakh fine on Axis Bank?
  • Is the stock market rally justified in the current economic downturn?

SEBI Grade A Interview Preparation

Prepare for your Interview with ixamBee’s SEBI Grade A Interview Online Course. Our expert panel (ex-RBI, NABARD, SEBI, NHB, SIBDI, BANK PO) and be ready to get ahead of your competitors in the SEBI Interview. Mock interviews will be conducted by various experts to help you prepare well for all aspects of the Interview like:

  • Preparation Strategy
  • Technical & Behavioural Skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Relevant interview topics
  • Tricks to tackle tricky questions

We wish all SEBI Grade A 2022 aspirants the very best!

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