SEBI Grade A 2023 Notification Postponed, What Next?


The highly anticipated SEBI Grade A 2023 notification was expected somewhere at the end of December, 2022. Now that the chances of the notification coming that early are bleak, students are in a state of confusion as to what to do next. We’ll see exactly how to go about the preparation in the time ahead. The notification is expected in the next few months as of now. So, instead of wasting time by doing nothing during this period, we should use it more productively.

Now, there are three types of students who are preparing for SEBI Grade A 2023, with different sets of problems. The first ones are those who studied their heart out considering that the notification would come in December. Then there are students who have not started studying yet but are either eager or tensed to study now. Then there are others who’d wait for the notification to come to panic themselves and then start studying. We’ll see how each of these can approach the exam now.

But before that, let’s understand the exam pattern first.

SEBI Grade A Exam Pattern

The exam of the SEBI Grade A consists of 2 papers in both phase 1 & phase 2, as follows:


Paper 1General Awareness- (Financial Awareness, QRE)10060 Min30%
Paper 2Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Costing, Company Act, Economics10040 Min40%
Aggregate Cut-off   40%


Paper 1Descriptive English10060 Min30%1/3rd
Paper 2Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Costing, Company Act, Economics10040 Min40%2/3rd
Aggregate Cut-off   50% 

Now, let’s see the approach towards preparation.

If Preparation is already done to an extent:

Many serious candidates thought that the notification would come at around the end of December this year. They studied accordingly and now do not know exactly what to do in this period.

It is relatively easy to clear the exam for such candidates. Since you’ve already gone through the syllabus, PYQs, you’re already very much prepared for the exam. You don’t have to feel that someone might do better than you in this period to try and get an edge over you. In fact, you just need to give attention to yourself. Remember this is a competitive exam and you’re already relatively ahead of most of the lot, so do the following things to maintain that advantage.

First, revisit the syllabus again and see if you’ve missed any of the topics. We tend to superficially prepare some of the topics which we find difficult. It is the right time to do such topics thoroughly. Also make sure that you’re attempting enough Mock Tests. That way you’ll find the areas that you still need to work on.

Meanwhile, you can also prepare for any other exam. Just make sure that you’re not completely distancing yourself from the SEBI Grade A pattern.

If yet to start the preparation:

For those of you who haven’t yet started preparing for the exam, this period is not less than a golden opportunity to redeem yourself. There are definitely going to be candidates who’d start studying now to end up clearing this year’s SEBI Grade A exam. This is because, lesser the time we have, more focused the approach becomes while studying. You need to do the following things to get in contention.

Start from the beginning. You still have plenty of time on your hands. Refer to the syllabus and mark your strengths and weaknesses. Then, solve the Previous Year Question Papers of at least last 4 years to know the exam and your preparation level.

After completing the syllabus at least once, you may start giving Mock Tests on a regular basis. Our expert faculties have already devised a Final Preparation Strategy to clear the exam. Visit the page and make your own strategy according to your needs.

Remember, many would feel complacent in this period. This is when you take the advantage to get ahead of others.

Waiting for the Notification

There would still be people who’ll start studying only after the Notification is out. I’ll wish them luck. However, they can still refer to our Final Preparation Strategy once the notification is out. This way they’d have a plan in hand to work on, without wasting any more time.

Finally, the candidates preparing for the SEBI Grade A 2023 exam, also have another Motivation to keep their preparation in full flow.

Extra Motivation

The SIDBI Grade A exam will be conducted somewhere in January/February, 2023. The syllabus of the exam is similar to that of SEBI Grade A 2023. Thus the SIDBI Grade A exam will act as a practice test of sorts before you appear for SEBI Grade A, 2023.

You can see the syllabus and preparation strategy of SIDBI Grade A, to know more about the exam. The SIDBI Grade A also offers a similar pay scale as that of SEBI Grade A, thus it could also be a wonderful career opportunity if you manage to clear the exam.

We’ve tried to cover each aspect by addressing different confusions regarding the upcoming SEBI Grade A, 2023 preparation. As a result, you should stop wasting time and start studying for the exam right now.

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