Best Government Jobs for Females in India


Government jobs are the most desirable among everyone including women who are seeking employment opportunities somewhere. The private sector is in disarray as the global recession is knocking on the door. There have been plenty of layoffs in the big MNCs across the world. Thus, the question of getting employment opportunities has been on the top of the charts lately. And there’s no wonder that the women in the country are also seeking government job opportunities for better growth prospects in the future.

However, we must keep in mind that no job is meant specifically for any particular gender. We’re living in a world where men & women are working competitively, women are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with men in almost every field. Nevertheless, some women do prefer certain jobs over others because of varied reasons like comfort or pay scale, etc. We’ll look into those government jobs for females. But before that let’s see why women prefer government jobs over private ones.


Why are government jobs preferred by women?

The following reasons aptly indicate why government jobs are preferred by women more than private jobs.

1.      Job Security: Everyone wants to have a stable career and women are no exception to that. Government jobs definitely offer better job security than the private sector. It is devoid of the uncertainties that the private sector employees face during the period of recession or layoffs. This longevity in employment also helps women to grow further in their careers.

2.      Work-Life Balance: The fixed working hours in most of the government jobs attract many. A better work-life balance is must for everyone as it helps secure a better mental health. It is also comparatively easier to get leave in government jobs, this helps in dealing with uncertainties in life.

3.      Better Payment: The pay scale is comparatively better in the public sector for the similar kind of work in the private sector. Moreover, the promotions are given on the seniority basis without any gender bias. This helps women grow in their respective fields.

4.      Encouragement to Women: The government with its provisions has been promoting women employment in the public sector. There are reservations for women in certain State PSCs and fee exemptions have been provided in certain exams as well. Moreover, every page of the UPSC notification reads- ” Government strives to have a workforce which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply”, suggesting that the government is keen on employing more women in the public sector. This makes the government job for females, a better opportunity than the private jobs.

So, which government job is best for ladies? Having understood the reasons for government job preference, let us see which are the best government jobs for females in India.

Best Government Jobs for Women

Civil Services

The civil services exams are conducted by the UPSC or State PSCs for various posts. All the posts are considered as prestigious for the work profile that they have. Despite being challenging on various fronts, the positions in these exams help women become independent in terms of decision making. There are various examples of lady IAS, IPS officers making a difference in the society by their grit and grace.

The likes of IAS Smita Sabharwal, popularly known as ‘The People’s Officer’ or IPS officer Kiran Bedi, are enough to inspire a million minds.

Regulatory Bodies

The RBI, NABARD or SEBI are considered as the regulatory bodies for certain sectors. They recruit officer and non-officer posts of assistant. These bodies offer a better work-life balance along with a handsome salary. Moreover, the employees get a number of allowances, which makes it even more appealing. Women looking for a stable job with lesser transfers must opt for these exams.

Apart from various perks & privileges, these bodies help their employees grow in their respective domains. They encourage their employees to seek higher education in prestigious universities. Thus, giving an opportunity for women to excel in their careers.

Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

The Staff Selection Commission recruits staff for various government ministries and departments. They are subordinate to the higher posts recruited by the UPSC. The SSC CGL or CHSL is a best government job for ladies seeking desk jobs. A better work-life balance is one of the features of all the SSC posts. Also, being a central government employment, handsome salaries are offered.

Longevity in their careers can help women get promoted to higher posts with more independent responsibilities in the future.

Banking Sector

The banking sector jobs comprise of IBPS/RRB PO & Clerk. Because of the large number of vacancies, the competition here is very tough. But these jobs offer you fixed working hours and a good salary. Apart from good salaries, women employees can also get concessional loans to buy assets. Also, the PO jobs help you learn a lot of things in the banking sector, which also benefits your career growth. It can also be considered as an easy government job for females as compared to the others.


The Assistant Commandant of CAPF is a best government for girls seeking an adventurous job with bigger responsibilities. This job expects you to be stronger both mentally & physically. Apart from a good salary, the perks offered here are at par with the Group A officers in the Centre.

Family life could not be as good as other job opportunities, but the status and the respect that an Assistant Commandant gets is beyond the challenges one has to face during the job.


The Police Constable positions available in many states are an excellent chance for women looking for lower-level positions. The work hours can vary according to the responsibility given to you, however, the posting stays in the State of residence. Moreover, a flexible transfer policy makes this an attractive prospect.

There are also recruitment at the Sub-Inspector level done across various states. The workload here is a lot more as compared to other posts that we discussed. Thus, it is a good government job for girls wanting to don a uniform in their job.


Regardless of its challenging nature, many women candidates aim to go into the defence sector today. The selection process is tedious and also expects you to be medically fit. Thus, young, spirited women always aim at these defence sector jobs.

Respect in society and a handsome salary and post-retirement benefits are some of its attributes.


Teaching is also one of the novel professions. It offers a good pay scale along with a better work life balance. There are exams such as TET for teaching and NET for professorship. Additionally, having set working hours allows us to seek other opportunities elsewhere.

Teaching also helps us enhance our knowledge in our respective fields. This also gives an opportunity to do research ahead.


Railways is one such organisation which gives ample amount of employment opportunities for all kinds of candidates. Thus, it is one of the best government jobs after graduation for females. Along with a handsome salary & allowances, Railways also offer many other benefits to its employees such as- Residential quarters, Medical care, etc. Also, it encourages its employees to take up sport and excel in it.

These features, along with a better work environment make railways one of the attractive employment organizations and a best government job for females in India.

Insurance Sector

The exams of the Insurance sector are similar to those of regulatory bodies’ exams like NABARD, RBI and SEBI. The recruitment is conducted in LIC, GIC, NIACL, ESIC, etc. The posts vary from clerk to Administrative Officer.

The perks and privileges offered are par with the ones in other regulatory bodies. Thus, the work-life balance and overall work culture allows one to grow in their career.


The Labour Force Participation Rate for women in India continues to be below par. It is important that women contribute to the overall economic growth and prosperity of the country. The government jobs for females in India give them the sense of security and independence that they desire. Hence, women’s employment in the government sector must be promoted. The government is doing its bit, the society must also come forward and encourage women to get empowered so that they take up their place in the labour force.

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