Important SBI PO Reasoning Questions| Series 1


State Bank of India (SBI) has recently released notification to fill in posts of Probationary Officer (PO) with around 2000 vacancies. SBI PO 2019 exam is slated on June 8, 9, 15, 16 2019. You have exactly one month left for SBI PO Prelims 2019, one of the most sought after exams among students. There is cut-throat competition for SBI PO exam and therefore the level of the exam has become difficult over the years. You need to prepare smartly to be ahead of this cut-throat competition. To make sure you ace the SBI PO prelims exam, we have started Reasoning Important questions series, wherein we will be posting important questions from different topics of reasoning which are important from SBI PO 2019 exam point of view.

Let us look at SBI PO 2019 New Pattern Seating Arrangement questions:

Let’s understand first about the Seating Arrangement:

In seating arrangement questions, some information is given and there will 4-5 questions based on the information given. Two types of information will be given:

  1. Direct information: 

This is the information which is directly or we can say clearly given. This is the information which you will usually use when you start solving the questions.

  1. Indirect information

Indirect information would be once you get the direct information you will look for the connection between different parts of the information. These connections are the indirect information you search in the questions.

Let us look at few seating arrangement questions which are important from SBI PO 2019 exam point of view:

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: 

Eight persons, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, and Q are sitting in a straight line (but not necessarily in the same order.) Three of them are facing south and rests are facing the opposite direction. They like different flowers i.e. Rose, Marigold, Lily, Lotus, Sunflower, Tulip, Anemone, and Begonia (not necessarily in the same order).

(i)Four persons sit between Q and N who likes Tulip. O sits right of L, who likes Anemone. P and N face the opposite direction to each other.

(ii) The one who sits immediate right of M likes Begonia. K sits third from the extreme end of the row. Q sits third right of L. The one who likes Lily sits immediate right of the one who likes Marigold.

(iii) L doesn’t face north direction. P is an immediate neighbor of L and N both. K faces south direction. M sits second to the right of P. L sits immediate left of K.

(iv) The one who likes Rose sits at extreme end. The one who likes Lotus sits between N and J. O does not like Lily.


From (ii) and (iii), there will be two cases:

K sits either at place no. 3 or 6 and faces south. L sits either at place no. 4 or 7.

From (iv), The one who likes Rose sits either at place no. 1 or 8. P and N will sit at place no. 5 and 6 respectively in case 1 but case 2 will get discarded as there is no place left for N.

From (iii), P cannot faces south direction as B is sitting second to the right of it. So, P will face north direction and M sits at place no. 7.

From (iv), J sits at a place no. 8 and M likes lack.

From (ii), Q sits at a place no. 1.

From (i), O sits at place no.2. N faces north direction.

From (ii), M faces north direction and the one who likes Begonia sits at place no.8.

From (iv), The one who likes Rose cannot sit at a place no. 8. So, it will sit on place no. 1.

From (ii) and (iv), The one who likes Lily and Marigold sit at a place no. 2 and 3 respectively.

Only flower left for P is Sunflower.

We also know that only three of them face south direction and the remaining five faces north direction.

  1. Who among the following is second to the left of the one who likes Lotus?

1) N

2) K

3) P

4)  J

5) None of these

Ans:  3

  1. Who among the following sits at the ends of the rows?

1) L and J

2) K and N

3) J and N

4) Can’t be determined

5) None of these

Ans: 5

  1. Who among the following sits third to the left of N? 

1) K

2) L

3) J

4) No one

5) None of these

Ans: 4

  1. What is the position of the one who likes Marigold with respect to L?

1) Second to the left

2) Third to the left

3) Second to the right

4) Fifth to the right

5) None of these

Ans: 3

  1. P faces in which direction?

1) North

2) South

3) Same as M faces

4) Both 1 and 3 are true

5) None is true

Ans: 4

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