SBI PO Mains 2019: Detailed Shift 1 Exam Analysis


SBI PO Mains 2019 Shift 1 Exam Analysis

SBI is one of the largest banking organizations in India and thus SBI jobs are one of the most sought-after ones among the bank job aspirants. SBI PO is the most awaited recruitment for all the banking aspirants. SBI conducts an online examination to select eligible candidates for the post of PO (Probationary Officer) every year. The examination is conducted in two phases: Prelims & Mains, followed by the final stage of Personal Interview. SBI PO Prelims 2019 was recently conducted in the month of June in which some candidates were shortlisted out of a large number. These shortlisted candidates were called for SBI PO Mains 2019 which was conducted recently on 20th July. For all those who were preparing hard for this opportunity finally got to give the final shot. The exam level can be judged as somewhere between moderate – difficult. For some, it can be said to be more on the difficult side. Let’s look at the detailed Ist shift analysis of the SBI PO Mains 2019 Exam for all the sections. 

SBI PO Mains 2019: Reasoning and Computer Aptitude 

One of the important sections of SBI PO Mains is Reasoning & Computer Aptitude. This section can be quite scoring if practiced well. The section consists of 45 questions and the level was moderate-difficult. The break-up of questions is as follows:

  • Puzzle and Seating Arrangement – (22 questions)

i. Puzzle with blood relation – 4 conditions could be formed in this question but it was doable (5 questions)

ii. Uncertain number of boxes kept in three different stacks A, B, and C from left to right.(difficult) (5 ques)

iii. Concentric square puzzle – (1 ques)

iv. Triangle, Pentagon and Circle puzzle – (4 ques)

v. houses in two parallel rows arrangement puzzle – (3 questions)

vi. Tabular puzzle – (4 questions)

  • Direction-Sense Question – 

 Three buses 1, 2, and 3 moving in three different directions (3 questions)

  • Data sufficiency – (2 ques)
  • Analytical reasoning – possible reason, conclusion etc (8 questions)
  • Input output – (5 questions): Based on numbers – 6 numbers with 6 digits

The pattern was –

Input – 434689 173893 617392 536373 284647 364752

Step I – 364752 284647 536373 617392 173893 434689

Step II – 257463 746482 353637 163729 398371 986434

Step III– 163729 257463 353637 398371 746482 986434

Step IV – 62118 102818 151821 27247 282416 722412

Step V – 18 20 18 22 23 18

  •  New Pattern Coding-Decoding – one word was blank in the question. (5 questions)

SBI PO Mains 2019: Data Analysis and Interpretation 

The second most important and most feared section of SBI PO Mains is that of Data Analysis & Interpretation which consists of 35 questions. This section can prove to be quite scoring if you give proper time & attention to it. Let’s look at the breakup of all questions that appeared in the SBI PO Main Exam.

  • Data Interpretation – (21 questions)

i. Funnel shaped DI in which following data was given – (5 questions)

Population targeted – y%

People visited in a loan fair – x%

People showed interest in buying loan – 9600

People applied for loan – 20%

People eligible for loan – 15 %

People to whom loan is disbursed – z%

ii. Time and work DI – (3 questions)

There were two tables given for Project A and Project B

Project A –

Person Number of days taken to complete the work
X 24
Y 1
M*2 32

Project B –

Person Number of days taken to complete the work
X 2
Y 28
M*2 40

Note – For project A and B, X is same and for project A and B, Y is same.

iii. Third DI had density and land area of 4 villages A, B, C and D. (5 questions)

The vertical side was – land area

Horizontal side was – density

Note: The area and density covered by a village was in a rectangular or square form in which a horizontal line was drawn from the middle of it.

iv. Scattered Graph – (3 questions)

v. Caselet – marks of the students were given (5 questions)

  • Probability– (5 questions)

Four conditions were given:

(i) Bag A contains “X” balls in which 3 red, 4 yellow and rest black balls. Probability of picking red ball

is 3 / 8.

(ii) We pick one ball from bag A and if it is of black colour then we replace it with green ball and if it is green then we replace it with black.

(iii) …

(iv) Bag B contains Y balls…..

  • Series – (3 questions)

In a single question three series 1, 2 and 3 were asked and one was left blank in each series named a,

b and c. then we had to compare the relation among a, b and c.

  • Data sufficiency – (3 questions)

By using which of the following we can say that a= b?

-3 equations were given in which relation between a, b and c was given

-Students data was given for different colleges

  • Miscellaneous Questions from Profit and loss, Mensuration and ages. (3 questions)

SBI PO Mains 2019: English Language

Another important sections in SBI PO Mains is that of English Language. This section usually proves a difficult catch for most of the aspirants and SBI PO being a tough competition surely gives a run to the candidates. This section consists of 35 questions. 

  • Reading Comprehension – (6 passages) (20 questions)
  • No synonym and antonym was asked in any passage. Each passage had 3- 4 questions.
  • Parajumble – (5 questions)
  • There were 5 sentences a, b,c, d and e in which each sentence was jumbled. We have to answer what is the correct sequence of sentences a, b, c and d. (4 questions)
  • 1 question was asked where one sentence is incoherent/odd among these 4 sentences.
  • Fill in the blanks – (5 questions)
  • There were 2 blanks in a sentence and 3 choices were there given as Match I and Match II (2 columns)
  •  5 options were given like
  • Phrase replacement – (4 questions)
  • 5 sentences were there with bold phrase and we had to replace it with options that fits here.
  • Situation questions – (1 question)
  • A sentence was given and we have to find that what is the situation of that person who was mentioned in the question. 
  • 3 situations were given wherein each situation 3 situations were given and all three situations were close.

SBI PO Mains 2019: General Awareness

This is an important section where a thorough preparation for at least 6 months needs to be studied. The section is a scoring one too but can be difficult if you are not thorough and updated with the latest happenings. We compiled a set of memory based GK questions for you that appeared in the SBI PO Mains 2019 Exam.

  • Who was the Summer University Games Winner in 100 m? 
  • Who was awarded the Ceat Cricketer of the year?
  • Ganamrutha Scheme is of which state? 
  • Which RBI App is supposed to take complaints against banks and NBFCs?
  •  Project Sangam is owned by which company? 
  •  What is the rank of India in World Happiness Index?
  • Plan Bee is taken up by which railways? 
  • State that introduced Frontier Railway (NFR) Mukhya Mantri Yuva Swabhimaan Yojana 
  • 2nd Indian City in India in UNESCO 10 World Heritage Site?
  • Abhijit Gupta is related to which sport?– Chess 
  • Total subscription of Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana?
  • Which Bank along with Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the first in blockchain transaction?
  • Which is India’s best bank according to Forbes?
  • Total amount to be infused into PSBs in FY2020
  • Center for Disability of Sports will be set up in which state?
  • Which bank has signed agreement with Kerala for USD 230 mn for disaster recovery?
  • New Arm of ISRO?
  • Which research Organisation launched PINAKA Satellite?– ISRO 
  • Portal for Banks for priority sector lending shortfall information? – RBI
  • Who can invest in Sovereign Gold Bond along with trust, HUF and individuals?
  • Which is the best company to work in India?
  • Receivable exchange india ltd is a joint venture between which of these organizations?
  • World Happiness Day theme.
  • Wings for Woman  launched by which Insurance Company? 
  • Bond-i has been launched by which of these organizations?
  • 29.400 bn dollar has been allotted to India by which organisation?
  • CEAT- emerging player for the year.
  • Full form of NCLAT? 
  • Which Corporation has been formed for long term investment in budget?
  • AC Deposit amount reached about what amount? 
  • Who is the Deputy Head of Yes Bank?
  • Railways has received a budgetary allocation of____________?
  • Which bank has partnered with M1 Xchange Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) platform for MSME bill discounting?

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