RBI Grade B Officer Salary: In-hand Salary, Pay Scale, Perks & Benefits


Read about the RBI Grade B Officer’s salary 2022 In-hand Salary, Pay Scale, Perks & benefits.

Government jobs provide an exciting work scenario and good pay. The power, respect, and decent salary that one gets are paramount. But if you think that UPSC is the only way to achieve these standards then you are wrong. Today I will disclose one more government opportunity which not only provides stability to your career but also gives you the authority to be able to control the whole banking system of the country in the longer run.  

RBI Grade B is one such prestigious job that gives you a high salary package along with greater responsibilities. No matter where you go, being one of the senior officers in the central bank of the country earns respect. So let’s see the detailed scenario of an RBI Grade B Officer’s salary 2022 like In-hand Salary, Pay Scale, Perks & benefits.

We will also make a comparison of the increment in an RBI Grade B officer’s salary from 2010 to date. This will help us understand how often the RBI Grade B basic pay is increased and by how much. This exercise will also help us cognize what an RBI Grade B officer’s salary might amount to in the future.

RBI Grade B Officer Salary

RBI Grade B Salary Comparison

In the chart below, we have depicted an RBI Grade B Officer’s salary between 2010- 2022. As you can see, there has been an increase in the RBI Grade B basic pay thrice between these years. However, if you take a look at the RBI Grade B gross monthly emoluments over the years, you will see that the amount has increased gradually even when there was no change in the basic salary amount. This reflects the many perks & benefits that RBI Grade B officers enjoy.

Take a look at the details below.

RBI Grade B Officer Salary Comparison

RBI Grade B Officer Salary, Perks and Allowances

  • Basic Pay: ₹55,200 
  • Pay Scale: ₹55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850(2)-86550-3300(4)-99750
  • The pay scale indicates that an RBI Grade B Officer’s basic salary at the start of service will be ₹55,200 with an increment of ₹2850 for 9 years.
  • This will be followed by an increment on ₹2850 for another 2 years with the basic pay standing at ₹80,850.
  • An increment of ₹3300 will be received after completing further 4 years of service. After the increment, your total basic pay will be Rs 86550. 
  • The highest basic pay of an RBI Grade B Officer after 15 years of service will be ₹99750. 
  • The initial monthly gross emoluments amount to approximately ₹1,16,684/- p.m.

RBI Grade B Perks & Allowances

If you are serving with the RBI, you will receive some allowances as part of your salary and some separately. Take a look at all the perks and allowances below.

Allowances as a part of the salary include:

  • Dearness Allowance(D.A)
  • House Rent Allowance(H.R.A)
  • Conveyance Allowance(C.A)
  • Medical Allowance (M.A)
  • Education Allowance
  • Leave Fare Concession & Leave Travel Concession

Allowances received apart from the RBI Grade B salary:

  • Loan and Advances facility at concessional rates of interest
  • Fuel Allowance
  • Maid allowance
  • Sodexo coupons
  • Mobile Allowance
  • Briefcase Allowance
  • Spectacles Allowance

Other Benefits

  • If you possess very high academic or professional qualification/ experience that is beneficial for the Bank you can get up to four advance increments at the Board’s discretion.
  • Besides this, you will get a chance to travel with your family anywhere in the world every 2 years.
  • Additionally, if you are interested in higher studies that relate to the function and working of RBI, you will get a chance to study abroad too.

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RBI Grade B Postings

Initially, you will be on a probation period of two years that can be extended up to a maximum period of four years as per the bank’s discretion. You are liable to be posted and transferred anywhere in India where RBI has its branches. For your reference, the RBI offices are mentioned below.

RBI Branches

RBI Grade B Officer Promotion Hierarchy

Since you have crossed all barriers and reached this stage with your sheer determination and hard work, it’s very natural to be curious about the promotion ladder in the RBI. So, it’s very important to be aware of the organization structure of RBI.

RBI Grade B promotion

I hope the information provided above must have cleared all your doubts related to the RBI Grade B salary, perks and allowances. If you want detailed information, do check out the video below.

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RBI Grade B Exam 2022

How to prepare for RBI Grade B Exam?

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We wish you the best always.

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