A Complete Guide to RBI Grade B Exam Study Material: Preparation Tips and Resources


RBI Grade B exam study material is crucial for aspiring candidates who wish to secure a position in the Reserve Bank of India. With the upcoming RBI Grade B recruitment 2023, it is essential for applicants to equip themselves with the right resources to excel in the examination and fulfil their dream of becoming an RBI Grade B Officer.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) – India’s Central Bank, which manages and regulates all the banks that come under its radar. RBI Grade B is one such golden opportunity to enter this extraordinary financial organisation. Becoming an RBI Grade B Officer is the dream of many aspirants today. The RBI Grade B recruitment for 2023 is one the way.  A huge number of aspirants are in  line to apply for this much-awaited opportunity. Those who want to work with the RBI, have not missed the bus yet. 

To prepare effectively for the RBI Grade B exam 2023, it is crucial to have access to the right study material. The availability of comprehensive and reliable RBI Grade B exam study material can greatly enhance the preparation journey. 

Are you ready to ace your upcoming RBI Grade B exam? Let’s explore some effective strategies and valuable study materials that can help you succeed.

RBI Grade B Exam Study Material: Your Key to Success 

Looking at the value and popularity of the RBI Grade B Officer post, you can not underestimate the competition that follows it. Every banking aspirant starts his/her preparation with an RBI Grade B dream. Considering the competition at hand, you will need a full-proof plan laced with all necessary resources. If you are a first-timer and even a tiny bit nervous about how to commence the RBI Grade B exam study material, we are here to help you with a complete package that is all you will need to achieve your goal of becoming an RBI Grade B Officer. 

RBI Grade B| 300 Important Questions for RBI grade B exam

RBI Grade B Exam Resources: What do we offer?

Finding the right sources of information in today’s online world is the most important requirement. While preparing for one of the most important competitive exams, it is essential to grab some of the best RBI Grade B exam study material and resources available around you. Have a look at what all do we offer:

RBI Grade B Online Course

If you are in search of proper guidance and are on the lookout for a holistic package for yourself, you need not think twice before opting for the RBI Grade B Online Course which has been designed by some of the best experts and fulfills all the students’ requirements. The course has a lot in store for you such as practice tests, video lessons, live classes, study notes, mock tests, etc.

We suggest you do not waste even a single thought on this and click on the course right away!

RBI Grade B Free Mock Tests

Another important resource while preparing for any competitive exam is mock tests. What’s best if you can get those for FREE??!! Nothing sounds better than an RBI Grade B mock test! Practicing these will let you improve on your weak points and strengthen the stronger ones. The mock tests for RBI Grade B available at ixamBee cover the latest and complete RBI Grade B syllabus and follow the newest RBI Grade B exam pattern. Check these out and get a step closer to your goal.

RBI Grade B Previous Year Papers

It’s never good to look back on life but when it comes to preparing for the RBI Grade B exam, looking back at the RBI Grade B previous year paper might prove a life-saver for you. ixamBee offers RBI Grade B previous year papers which consist of all the questions that have appeared in all the recently held RBI Grade B exams. You can check out all the RBI Grade B previous year question papers for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.

RBI Grade B Daily Quiz

Apart from all the resources mentioned above, available at ixamBee, we also provide an RBI Grade B daily quiz. You can attempt these daily quizzes and check your level of preparedness. Not only the preparation that matters the most, but also keeping a check on the preparation. Avail of this feature by logging in to ixamBee and checking your knowledge.

RBI Grade B Book 

  • Best 3000 Practice Questions RBI Grade B Officer’s Phase 1 Exam Book 2023″ is a highly recommended study material for the RBI Grade B Officer’s Phase 1 Exam in 2023.
  • Authored by S. Chand’s, the book is available in paperback format. It consists of 8 Previous Year Question Papers (PYQ) and 7 Mock Tests, all solved and explained in detail.
  • The practice questions cover the entire syllabus and help in strengthening your knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

The book also includes an online exam component, offering a simulated test-taking experience. It is an essential resource for comprehensive exam preparation and maximizing your chances of success in the RBI Grade B Officer’s Phase 1 Exam in 2023.

The book can be purchased through Amazon using the provided link (http://rb.gy/s303k) or through Flipkart using the provided link (http://rb.gy/t069c).

Top 10 Preparation Tips for RBI Grade B exam

Along with the RBI Grade B exam study material and resources mentioned above, it’s crucial to adopt effective strategies and follow some essential tips to excel in the RBI Grade B exam. Let’s explore some valuable tips that can enhance your preparation and boost your chances of success:

  1. Understand the RBI Grade B  Exam Pattern: Begin your preparation by thoroughly understanding the RBI Grade B exam pattern. Familiarise yourself with the number of sections, marking scheme, and time allocation for each section. This knowledge will help you plan your study schedule and allocate time accordingly to different subjects.
  1. Create RBI Grade B Exam  Study Plan: Develop a comprehensive RBI Grade B  study plan that covers all the subjects and topics included in the RBI Grade B syllabus. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and ensure regular revision to reinforce your understanding. A well-structured study plan will help you stay organized and cover the entire syllabus effectively. However, if you find it challenging to devise an effective study plan, you can take a look at the RBI Grade B Study Plan 2023 prepared by Susheel Sir.
  1. Focus on Fundamentals of RBI Grade B: Building a strong foundation in fundamental concepts is crucial for success in any competitive exam. Allocate ample time to understand the basic concepts of subjects such as Economics, Finance, and Management. Once you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, you can tackle complex topics with greater ease.
  1. Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Current affairs play a significant role in the RBI Grade B exam, particularly in the General Awareness section. Develop a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and online news portals to stay updated with the latest national and international events, government schemes, economic developments, and banking-related news. ixamBee’s BeePedia capsules provide a concise summary of current affairs that can be immensely helpful for your preparation.
  1. Practice Time Management: Time management is critical during the exam as you need to answer a large number of questions within a limited time frame. Solve RBI Grade B mock tests and practise previous year papers to improve your speed and accuracy. This will help you get accustomed to the exam environment and ensure that you can complete the paper within the stipulated time.
  1. Strengthen Your Quantitative Aptitude: The Quantitative Aptitude section requires strong mathematical skills. Practice solving a wide range of numerical problems, including topics like arithmetic, algebra, data interpretation, and data sufficiency. Focus on developing mental calculations and exploring shortcut techniques to solve problems quickly.
  1. Enhance Your English Language Skills: The English Language section tests your proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills. Improve your reading speed and comprehension abilities by regularly reading newspapers, magazines, and novels. Work on grammar rules, vocabulary building, and practice writing essays on various topics to improve your overall English language proficiency.
  1. Develop Effective Reasoning Ability: The Reasoning Ability section evaluates your logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Solve a variety of puzzles, seating arrangement problems, syllogisms, and coding-decoding exercises to enhance your reasoning abilities. Practise regularly to develop a systematic and logical approach to solving problems.
  1. Join Online Study platforms: Joining online study platforms or forums can be highly beneficial as it allows you to interact with fellow aspirants preparing for the RBI Grade B exam. You can exchange study materials, discuss doubts, and share strategies. Collaborating with like-minded individuals can provide additional motivation and a platform for collective learning.
  1. Stay Positive and Take Breaks: Exam preparation can be challenging and demanding, both mentally and physically. It’s crucial to stay positive, believe in your abilities, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take short breaks during study sessions to relax, rejuvenate,

With the help of all these resources, we are sure you will be able to crack the RBI Grade B exam with ease. If any confusion still persists you can always talk to us at hello@ixambee.com or contact us at +91-9205524028.


Get ready to bookmark this invaluable RBI Grade B exam study material and kick-start your preparation today. This is not just an opportunity, but a golden chance to gain the unstoppable momentum towards success, and ixamBee is here to be your trusted partner on this journey. With ixamBee’s expert guidance and meticulously crafted study materials, you can unlock your full potential and soar above the competition. Don’t let this chance slip away – harness the power of ixamBee’s resources to conquer the RBI Grade B exam and pave your way to a rewarding career. 

To help you prepare 50% faster for competitive exams, ixamBee provides free Mock Test Series and all the Current Affairs in English and Current Affairs in Hindi in the BeePedia capsules for GA Preparation. You can also get the latest updates for Bank PO, Bank Clerk, SSC, RBI  NABARD and Other Government Jobs.

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