RBI Assistant Recruitment 2023: What is the Language Proficiency Test?


RBI Assistant 2023 recruitment is underway. Now that the RBI Assistant Exam is round the corner, it is time to gear up and make sure that you are prepared enough for the complete RBI Assistant 2023 recruitment process. As you are well aware, till the time you clear the RBI Assistant prelims exam, you will get very little time to start preparing for the Mains and the Language Proficiency Test. Therefore we always advise you to prepare for the sake of being an RBI Assistant instead of only cracking the prelims exam. Many of us get resources to prepare for the prelims and Mains exam through RBI Assistant Free mock tests or previous year papers. It becomes tough at the time when you have to prepare for the final stage i.e., the Language Proficiency Test. As this test decides the fate of you being an RBI Assistant, it is essential for you to have prior knowledge about it.

In this blog, we will discuss all the details regarding the RBI Assistant Language Proficiency Test (LPT). Therefore, if you have applied for the RBI Assistant exam 2023, we encourage you to go through this blog carefully.

RBI Assistant 2023: Selection Process

Before going further, let us understand the RBI Assistant recruitment procedure. The RBI Assistant exam is conducted in three phases-

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern

What is the RBI Assistant Language Proficiency Test (LPT)?

The Language Proficiency Test is conducted to assess candidates’ proficiency in their respective regional languages. You can also say that the LPT is conducted to analyze your knowledge about the local language of the location you have applied from. For example, if you have applied from Kolkata, you must have the essential knowledge about the local language of that location i.e., Bengali. Therefore, the Language Proficiency Test forms an essential part of the RBI Assistant selection process. It is conducted after the RBI Assistant Prelims and Mains.

Why is the Language Proficiency Test Conducted for the RBI Assistant Exam?

The Language Proficiency Test is the final phase of the RBI Assistant recruitment process. Candidates who clear the Prelims and Mains exam are called for the Language Proficiency Test. The purpose of conducting the Language Proficiency Test is to ensure that the candidates are well versed (can read/write/speak) in the local language of the particular state from where they have applied. This is because the selected candidates are required to deal with the general public on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, sufficient knowledge of the local language of the state is essential. Candidates failing to prove their proficiency in the local language will be disqualified from the selection process.

RBI Assistant 2023: Pattern of Language Proficiency Test

Given below is the pattern of the RBI Assistant Language Proficiency Test-

  • The RBI Language Proficiency Test is only qualifying in nature. Only the marks obtained in the RBI Assistant Mains exam will be taken into consideration while making the final merit list.
  • Designed as a subjective test, the RBI LPT assesses candidates on various language proficiency parameters.
  • The difficulty level of the RBI LPT is anticipated to range from easy to moderate, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ linguistic abilities.
  • Conducted in the official or local language of the respective state, the RBI LPT aligns with regional linguistic requirements.
  • Additionally, RBI reserves the right to administer both written and verbal tests. The verbal test specifically evaluates candidates’ proficiency in communicating effectively in the local language of the region. This multifaceted assessment ensures a thorough evaluation of language skills, which is essential for candidates aspiring to serve in regional capacities within the RBI.
RBI Assistant LPT Syllabus

RBI Assistant 2023: Office/Zone-wise Local Languages

The RBI Assistant exam 2023 will be carried out office/zone-wise. Therefore, it is essential to know the local language of the zone you are applying from. 

Given below is the list of local languages of the various RBI offices/zones-

Office/ZoneLocal Language
Ahmedabad Gujarati 
Bangalore Kannada 
Bhopal Hindi 
Bhubaneshwar Oriya 
Chandigarh Punjabi/Hindi
Chennai Tamil 
Guwahati Assamese/Bengali/Khasi/Manipuri/Bodo/Mizo
Hyderabad Telugu 
Jaipur Hindi 
Jammu Urdu/Hindi/Kashmiri
Kanpur & LucknowHindi 
Kolkata Bengali/Nepali
Mumbai Marathi/Konkani
New DelhiHindi

Tips to prepare for the RBI Assistant LPT (Language Proficiency Test)

  • First things first, start with the basics of the respective regional language, like- grammar, alphabet, numbers, etc. This will help you in improving your command of the respective language.
  • Practice with the help of translation exercises. By doing this exercise, you will be able to spot your errors and rectify them at the same time. Moreover, it will also assist you with time management.
  • Furthermore, you can also practice by speaking paragraphs in the local language from a newspaper/book. This will help you in getting comfortable with the language.
  • You can also take expert guidance by enrolling in the RBI Assistant online course, where you will be guided by the Ex RBI Professionals and other experts having years of experience and insights into the RBI Exam.


With the RBI Assistant exam approaching, it’s essential to understand that the journey to becoming an RBI Assistant is more than just passing a test. Enrolling in the RBI Assistant online course, led by former RBI professionals and experienced experts, is a wise choice. This course offers not only exam preparation but also valuable knowledge and insights gained through years of RBI service. It equips you with the language skills and expertise needed to succeed in the role of an RBI Assistant. Remember, becoming an RBI Assistant is not just about passing an exam; it’s about starting a career with responsibility and influence in the Indian financial system. So, make the most of this opportunity to prepare thoroughly and build a strong foundation for your promising future at the RBI.

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