Notifications Delayed but Opportunities haven’t: Preparation of Government Job Exams During the Second Wave of Covid-19!


Covid-19 Impact on Exams Notification

Many of the aspirants have been asking one constant question, “how to prepare for government job exams when the notification is delayed?” The COVID 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and generated complex situations for everyone. 

With May will come a deluge of competitive exams for which a large section of the country’s government aspirants have been preparing for more than a year. Their futures, on the other hand, have been thrown into disarray.

The COVID-19 has effectively taken over the academic calendar, casting doubt on the dates of the all-India exams, which were announced months ago. Aspirants in particular are having a difficult time because the government is frequently postponing exams and few are yet to be announced.

Many of the aspirants are waiting for the government job exam notification to begin with their preparation and neglecting this golden opportunity that this pandemic has blessed them with.

Golden Opportunity amid Covid-19, 2021

Apart from the hazard of Covid-19, this has also given us an advantage. This is the golden opportunity to prepare for the exams. You are getting a surplus time to advance your government exam preparation, revise all the concepts, give as many mock tests as you can, and yet there is space and time to learn something new.

This is the best time to prepare for as many competitive exams as you can. You can devise a proper plan, strategize accordingly, and can work on it. There are few things that are common to every government exam preparation

  • 60% of the syllabus for most of the competitive exams is similar
  • Preparation of one exam can target two-three other exams of the same genre
  • Prior preparation always have the scope for the unexpected
  • Regular practice will improve your conceptual knowledge
  • The time given after the release of notification is for revision and not to begin with the preparation
  • It is a myth that you can crack any exam with one month of preparation

In the context of exam preparation, thanks to the modern digital environment, e-learning has proved to be an important platform for the education sector, and it is helping students constructively study for various exams.

How to prepare for government job exams during Covid-19, 2021?

During this unprecedented time, when people around the globe are finding themselves homebound for weeks at a time, things have to be done differently. You have an ample amount of time for your preparation. Follow the mentioned steps, to begin with your preparation:

  • Target two or three exams instead of one

This is the best time to target as many exams as you can. Mark exams of the same genre and prepare for all of them. It will let you know where you are standing in your preparation. Suppose, you are preparing for RBI Grade B then you may also simultaneously prepare for SEBI Grade A, NABARD Grade A/B, IBPS, SBI, and more. 

All these government job exams have a similar syllabus and by doing this you are giving yourself enough opportunities to go for.

  • Don’t wait for the notification

As you are aware, most of the notifications are delayed during these hard times and no one has foreseen when they will be released. So, you must not waste your time waiting for the notification to come. Begin your preparation now and give yourself that extra edge over others for grooming yourselves for the unexpected. Any change in the notification or exam pattern will not affect you. You will have time to study for the new things if you have covered your syllabus.

  • Take benefit of e-learning

The current Coronavirus pandemic is pressuring the world to experiment. There are many signs that this crisis will alter many facets of life. Without a doubt, the move to online learning as a result of COVID-19 was abrupt and hasty. However, online learning has many advantages. Enroll in an online course, take mock tests and prepare at your ease. The subject matter experts will guide you through your preparation. If you are serious about your studies then you should opt for online learning in these times.

  • Enjoy the process

When students are unable to achieve the target they set for themselves or when they are unable to complete more than one or two mock exams, they become anxious and frustrated.

Disappointed, they wallow in self-pity, believing themselves to be inept. The problem should be examined from a certain angle in this case. Instead of counting how much has been studied and how much remains, one can appreciate the process of learning. The planning would not seem burdensome because it differs from a traditional style of learning.

Rather than bemoaning the fact that only a small portion of the syllabus has been covered, consider the brighter side of the situation: you have gained knowledge and clarified your concepts about a subject.

  • Be Consistent

Most exams have a vast syllabus. The most common blunder made by aspirants is treating the massive course as a whole. It can send shivers down the spine. Divide the syllabus into smaller portions. Small goals accomplished would ultimately lead to the ultimate target. Aspirants become perplexed by the amount of work required to complete the course and end up doing nothing. As a result, continuity would aid in the transformation of the impossible into the possible. Every day, give it your all, and the day will come when you’ll have met your goal.

  • Adapt with time

Students have become extremely worried about a transition in the preparation process as a result of covid-19. The technological change has made them uneasy. Aspirants were previously very comfortable attending physical courses, being in a competitive atmosphere, and engaging in group discussions and studies.

However, due to social constraints, now they are enrolling in online courses, learning to read PDFs rather than books, and administering online mock exams. It has proven to be a new experience, but one must adjust to the current trend, as survival of the fittest is often the case.

List of Government Recruitment Exams Postponed due to Covid-19 in 2021

Due to the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic across the country, 2021 government recruitment exams have been postponed. Mentioned below is the latest list of this update: 

Government Job ExamActual DateRevised Date
UGC NET May 2021May 02 to 17, 2021To be Notified
MPPSC State Services Prelims Exam 2021April 11, 2021June 20, 2021
SSC CHSLApril 20 to 27, 2021To be Notified
Maharashtra Public Service Commission ExamApril 11, 2021To be Notified
UP Recruitment Exam for Principal/ Headmaster (Postponed due to Elections)April 18, 2021To be Notified
BPSC 31st Judicial Services ExamApril 08, 2021To be Notified
KSET 2021April 11, 2021April 25, 2021
IAF CSAB Airmen 2021 Exam for Group X & Y PostsApril 18 to 24, 2021To be Notified
MCEME Recruitment Exam 2021 for Civilian Academic OfficersApril 17, 2021To be Notified
HAL Recruitment Exam 2021 for Management/ Design TraineeApril 24 & 25, 2021To be Notified
UPSC EPFO Recruitment 2021May 09, 2021To be Notified

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