Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab: February 01, 2020


Vocabulary plays a vital role in the world of competitive exams. Therefore, it is essential to be well versed of the vocabulary section. To increase the grip in the English section, one can refer the Hindu editorial part which will surely help in Reading comprehension part as well as in improving the vocab. This will help in the Upcoming exams like RBI Assistant, SBI Clerk and NABARD Grade A. Following are the important words of the two editorials published on The Hindu on February 01, 2020:

A sneeze, a global cold and testing times for China by Rakesh Sood

  1. Stagger [Verb]: To walk with great difficulty.To arrange in a systematic order.
  2. Zoonotic [Adjective]: Of or relating to or constituting zoonosis (an animal disease that can be transmitted to humans).
  3. Pathogenicity [Adjective]: Able to cause disease, Infective.
  4. Crunch [Noun]: A situation that arises because of a shortage of time, money or resources.
  5. Genome [Noun]: The full DNA sequence of an organism.
  6. Alacrity [Noun]: Liveliness, Eagerness, Smartness.

Unfounded optimism

  1. Prognostication [Noun]: A statement made about the future. Forecast, Prediction.
  2. Sluggish [Adjective]:  Dull, Slow, Inactive, Moving Slowly.
  3. Avert [Verb]: Turn Away, Avoid, Stave off, prevent from happening.
  4. Incipient [Adjective]: Imperfectly formed, Being Born or Beginning.
  5. Vaunted [Verb]: Show-off, Blow, and Boast.

Thinking beyond farm sops by Naveen P. Singh & Ranjith P.C.

  1. Pertinent [Adjective]: To the point, having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand.
  2. Dissemination [Noun]: Spreading, Public exposure, Diffusion, Dispersal.
  3. Ameliorate [Verb]: to make better, amend, improve, mend.
  4. Impetus [Noun]: A force that moves something along, Impulse etc.
  5. Cognisance [Noun]: Having knowledge of, Awareness, Consciousness.

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