Life of a NABARD Development Assistant


Read here about the life of a NABARD Grade A Development Assistant, salary, career opportunities and the NABARD Development Assistant job profile

Many of you must be having a question in your mind as to “Why should we apply for the NABARD development assistant exam 2022?”. We are more than happy to answer this question. Read this article with patience to get the answer to your question.

Well this article is for those who are still confused about appearing for NABARD Development Assistant.

We will gradually reveal the reason why you should give NABARD Development Assistant a try as we progress with the blog. So read till the end to know how the NABARD Development Assistant exam 2022 is an exciting opportunity for you.

Our advice to you would be that before you decide not to apply for the NABARD development assistant just have a look at the job profile, salary and perks of a NABARD Development Assistant.

NABARD Development Assistant Job Profile   

Check the job profile of a NABARD Development Assistant below.

As a NABARD Development Assistant, you will mostly handle administrative work and you will handle some major responsibilities.

A NABARD Development Assistant has to:

  • Deal with a wide range of issues that are specific to the policies framed by the Central or State Government.
  • Take care of rural and agriculture sector development
  • Conceive and execute ideas to increase funding for agricultural and rural development by expanding the membership base
  • Develop and maintain a cordial engagement with the existing banks and their prospective donors
  • Maintain an updated database of the donors
  • Handle the queries and doubts of the donors and offer them solutions to their problems
  • Do research analysis and collect relevant data

NABARD Development Assistant Salary

Let us take a look at the details of the NABARD Development Assistant salary 2022 in this section.

  • Gross salary of a NABARD Development Assistant – ₹ 34,829
  • Deductions – ₹ 3328
  • Net salary (salary after deduction) of a NABARD Development Assistant – ₹ 31,501
Basic Pay14,650
Additional Special Pay265
Dearness Allowance11,323
City Compensatory Allowance746
Transport Allowance1000
Grade Allowance2200
Special Allowance2040
Family Allowance597
Special Perk Allowance296
SPA Cess12
Miscellaneous Earnings1700
Total Earnings34,829

NABARD Development Assistant Allowances

A NABARD Development Assistant is entitled to allowances like Dearness Allowance, Transport Allowance, Grade Allowance, Special Allowance, Family Allowance and House Rent Allowance.

NABARD Development Assistant Perks

Apart from the salary and allowances, a NABARD Development Assistant enjoys perks like residential accommodation, reimbursement of petrol used for vehicles for transportation for office purposes, leave travel concession, concessionary loans and advances, furnishing allowance, medical facilities, etc.

Does not all these sound exciting to you? And even after reading all the relevant information provided so far, if you are still not charged up for the exam then wait for me to tell you about the great career path that you can carve after joining a highly reputed organization like NABARD.

Career Growth of a NABARD Development Assistant

After joining a premier regulatory body like NABARD as a Development Assistant you can grow to the extent of a Director            

Executive Director
Chief General Manager
General Manager
Deputy General Manager
Assistant General Manager
Assistant Manager
Development Assistant (you start here)

The best thing about NABARD Development Assistant is that the age limit is 21 to 35 years. Isn’t it a piece of great news for those who have crossed the age limit or are on the verge of crossing the age limit for most of the government job exams, especially regulatory body exams?

For all those who had lost hope of getting a government job because of crossing the prescribed age limit, this is like a beacon of hope for them.

So all government job aspirants just brace yourself for the online registration for NABARD Development Assistant that will begin on September 15, 2022.

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All the best!!

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