IBPS conducts a common written exam (CWE) for the post of clerk every year and it will be conducting the preliminary exam for the post of clerk this year in the month of December 2018 and the mains exam in the month of January 2019 for eighth year in a row. Therefore, this recruitment is named IBPS CLERK CWE VIII.

Before starting the preparation, a candidate needs to be fully aware of the exam details, such as, the IBPS CLERK EXAM PATTERN, IBPS CLERK EXAM SYLLABUS, IBPS CLERK NEGATIVE MARKING & IBPS CLERK CUT-OFF.

Here, we are going to discuss a much important part of the exam, i.e. the cut-off for IBPS CLERK and IBPS CLERK negative marking.

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Each one of us must be quite familiar with the much popular word ‘cut-off’ these days. A ‘cut-off’ is a point or level which indicates the limit of something, more precisely ‘final marks’ in the case of exams. You need to secure marks equal to / above the designated cut-off in order to ensure your selection in various stages of the exam. Here we are discussing the cut-off scenario and the previous year’s cut-off for IBPS CLERK RECRUITMENT.

Before we understand the pattern and scenario of the cut-offs, let’s have a quick look on the previous year’s cut-offs for IBPS CLERK.


Andaman & Nicobar NA NA NA NA
Andhra Pradesh 50.78 48.31 40.27 31.84
Arunachal Pradesh 46.43 NA NA 41.49
Assam 47.17 43.43 40.79 36.16
Bihar 53.43 50.95 38.86 37.27
Chandigarh 54.07 47.95 46.39 NA
Chattisgarh 50.43 50.34 39.46 24.49
Dadar & Nagar Haweli 39.02 NA NA NA
Daman & Diu 45.92 36.91 NA NA
Delhi 53.82 47.81 42.58 38.03
Goa 44.70 44.07 NA 24.43
Gujarat 47.53 44.04 39.95 23.68
Haryana 52.72 46.81 39.21 NA
Himachal Pradesh 52.88 43.17 43.91 40.74
Jammu & Kashmir 52.31 42.71 NA 35.74
Jharkhand 47.29 46.21 34.24 31.02
Karnataka 44.56 43.67 36.77 31.41
Kerala 52.32 50.52 40.68 30.85
Lakshadweep NA NA NA NA
Madhya Pradesh 48.89 45.03 36.43 26.63
Maharashtra 45.95 43.93 42.91 26.32
Manipur 44.21 62.36 45.77 41.74
Meghalaya 39.09 37.82 NA 38.31
Mizoram 40.79 NA NA NA
Nagaland 40.45 NA NA 39.74
Odisha 51.22 50.64 37.07 31.32
Puducherry 48.06 47.47 41.27 NA
Punjab 53.16 45.22 37.88 NA
Rajasthan 52.93 48.17 38.28 34.70
Sikkim 49.67 47.21 NA NA
Tamil Nadu 48.49 48.27 39.39 35.29
Telangana 49.97 38.72 40.18 34.17
Tripura 48.86 NA 45.68 28.50
Uttar Pradesh 51.13 44.24 37.20 33.53
Uttarakhand 53.16 47.11 40.16 38.11
West Bengal 54.47 45.06 42.14 35.95


Cut-offs in general are not exactly predictable. It always depends on the level and type of the exam, which keeps changing with the years. IBPS keeps changing the level and pattern of the examination with each passing year, therefore the cut-offs can never be predicted. The previous year cut-offs along with the previous years’ papers help giving you a clear idea of the pattern of setting the cut-offs according to the level of the exam. Thus, it should not lead to a misunderstanding that the cut-offs will necessarily lurk around the same values.

You just need to understand a simple rule that if the paper is too difficult, then it might equally be difficult for everyone and therefore the cut-off will change accordingly and won’t go too high. IBPS sets the cut-off values taking each and every candidate in mind, considering the exam in all shifts and comes down to a moderate and impartial value, normalising the total and individual scores.

There will be two cut-offs: –

1. The IBPS CLERK final cut-off

  1. The IBPS CLERK sectional cut-off

The candidate needs to clear both the cut-offs in order to jump to the next level. The IBPS CLERK preliminary exam is of a qualifying nature and the scores obtained in this exam will not be considered in the final selection; whereas, the scores obtained in IBPS CLERK mains will make all the difference in the final selection. As it is IBPS CLERK RECRUITMENT, there will not be any interview stage. Thus, you have to work hard to score higher than the final cut-off which is expected to go high, in absence of the interview round, depending on the number of vacancies.


Preparing well for IBPS CLERK does not only include gaining knowledge and practicing well for it, but also knowing how to do smart work along with hard work. You need to make a strategy for the examination which requires you to be well aware of the ‘IBPS Negative marking’.

The negative marking calculation is as mentioned below:

  1. -0.25 mark for the wrong answer – For every incorrect answer, 1/4th of the respective marks will be deducted.
  2. 0 mark for the unattempted question – There is no deduction for a question that you did not attempt.
  3. 1 mark for the correct answer – Usually 1 mark is assigned to all questions in banking exams, but it may vary according to the exam. For example, in IBPS PO MAINS exam, we get variable marking of questions, some questions involve 1 mark, some involve 1.5 marks and some may also involve 2 marks.


In order to be able to maintain a high accuracy, it is very necessary to keep negative marking in mind. Here are few steps listed, through which you may be able to avoid the negative marking to a large extent.

  • Read the complete instructions before the commencement of the examination, to know the marks assigned to every question.
  • Make sure you read each and every question direction carefully, to avoid making any kind of mistakes.
  • Scan all the questions once the examination starts, to know the number of questions that can be attempted by you without fail and figure out which ones to attempt later, if time permits.
  • Do not take it on your ego if you are not able to solve any question, avoid getting stuck and wasting time on it. You can always get back to that question by marking it for review.
  • Don’t skip the questions you might have attempted easily because of the ones you wasted time on.
  • Do not take risks by making wild guesses and finally ending up with a much lesser score by attempting wrong answers.
  • Do not be in a hurry.
  • Keep your mind calm and composed.
  • PRACTICE WELL, so that you may come out with ways of solving any question in a short and better manner, to avoid wasting time in the exam and eventually giving wrong answers.
  • Aim for ACCURACY rather than ATTEMPTS.
  • To practice mock tests for IBPS CLERK click on the following link –

Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice” – Anton Chekhov.

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