Practice Time and work Questions and Answers

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There are certain concepts that are fundamental to the understanding of these questions, once these basic concepts are clear to you, solving the questions will be extremely easy. Here is a brief analysis of the concepts relevant to the time and work questions:

Time X Rate of Work = Total Work Done

T X R = W

Time and work are inversely related. That means that the more amount of time it takes to do a job, the less amount of work is completed.

Rate of work and time are also inversely related. This is to say, the higher the rate of doing work, lesser the amount of time it takes to complete the work. Time and Work Questions Tricks The LCM Trick is one of the easiest ways of mastering the time and work questions, understanding this trick will ensure that you solve the questions efficiently and accurately. Here is the LCM trick explained with the help of examples so that you get a better understanding of how to go about it:

Example 1 of Time and Work Questions

Suppose G completes work in 15 days and K completes the same work in 10 days by themselves. In what number of days will they complete the work together?

Solution: Take the LCM of both the numbers which denotes the time taken by each individual to complete the work.

So, LCM of 15 and 10 = 30

Since G takes 6 days to complete the work. In one day he will manage 30/15 = 2 units.

Following a similar logic, K takes 10 days to complete the work and so in one day, K does 30/10 = 3 units of work. To further calculate how much time they will need to complete the work together:

30 (total work) / 5 (combined work in 1 day) = 6 days.

Hence, they require 6 days to complete the work together.

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