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Problems on ages is a common topic from which questions are asked in almost all Government exams in the quantitative aptitude section.

The questions from this section may seem to be confusing and complicated, but once a candidate understands the concept well, he/she can easily score marks for these types of questions. The problems based on age asked in the quantitative aptitude section are kind of brain teasers, which when read at first may seem to be complex, but when solved step by step are easy to answer.

Questions from this section mostly are asked for 2-3 marks but there are chances of age-based questions being asked as a part of the data sufficiency or data interpretation. So it is important that the concept is clear to each and every candidate.

As the name suggests, the questions are word problems based on the ages of the people. They may be asked in equation form or direct form. Candidates who are not much familiar with the concept and tend to either skip the age problems or answer them incorrectly can refer to the tips given below. These tips may help you answer the question following a set pattern and then finding the answer.

The most important thing is to read the question carefully and gradually form the equation which shall help you answer the question. Basic things like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will help a candidate reach the answer and no complicated calculations are required to answer such questions. Arrange the values given by placing them correctly in an equation by giving variables to the unknown values

Once the equation has been formed, solve the equation to find the answer. The final step is to recheck the answer obtained by placing it in the equation formed to ensure that no error has been made while calculating.

The ‘problems on ages’ is one such topic which is not just asked in the first or the preliminary phase of examination but questions from this topic may also be asked in the mains phase of examination in a rather complex manner."

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