Government Job vs Private Job: Which Job to Prefer?


Government sector versus private sector job – This is an internal debate which each of us faces during our lifetime. One has to think carefully about the pros and cons of choosing one sector over the other as each of them offers different advantages. The earlier generations had a limited choice in choosing their career path as the options were very few, but today one has a wide scope of choices and can even switch over from one sector to the other.

Government jobs comprise of various roles in the Central and State Government, Public sector banks, government schools, and hospitals, etc. Government jobs still are the most sought after in India due to a number of reasons like job stability, perks, facilities, etc. Monetary benefits in the private sector lure the youth towards MNCs but with the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, this gap has been reduced to a large extent by the Government of India in order to attract skilled and talented youth.

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Securing a government job is usually tougher than the private sector due to the intense competition. One should prepare thoroughly for securing a government job by studying intensively, practicing online mock tests and being up to date with the current affairs.

Let us look at benefits of Government vs Private jobs.

Benefits of Government job over Private Job:

Security and Stability

The main attraction towards government sector jobs is the security and stability it offers over one’s career. One doesn’t need to have the fear of losing their job in the government sector and this attracts a large chunk of eligible youth to it. Private sector jobs, on the other hand, are prone to recession and bottom lines of the companies.

Perks offered by Government jobs

They also offer a lot of perks and benefits like HRA, Transport allowance, pension, etc. A Government job is also considered to be of a higher status in India than a private sector job. It is easier for a government sector employee to avail loans, at a cheaper rate, and many sectors like housing and transportation offer discounts and other benefits to government employees.

Promotions in the Government sector

Promotions and appraisals are usually intervals based and fixed while one has to slog it out in the private sector to get a good increment.

Work culture in the Government sector

One assumption that people usually make to select private sector jobs over government jobs is that their skills and hard work would not be recognized in the government sector. Nowadays it is not true as there are a lot of young professionals in the government sector and the work culture offers one to be creative and make their hard work be recognized. This is quite similar to the private sector.

It is not that all is bright and shining in a government job. There are many sincere employees who feel dissatisfied and unappreciated in a government job when they see other non-working employees get the same salary or a better posting as may sometimes happen. Both the government and private sector have pros and cons and one needs to weigh them carefully while making a decision to choose their career.

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Lastly, make an informed decision so that you do not regret your choice as you would be putting a lot of effort and time in getting selected for either a government sector or a private sector job. If at any point in time, you require guidance and counseling, ixamBee’s experienced faculty are there to support you and help you in making a wise decision.

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