SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2022 (General): March 20, 2022 Exam Review


Read here SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2022 (General) for Paper 1 and Paper held on March 20, 2022.

 The SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam was held on March 20, 2022.Today, we will make a detailed exam analysis for this exam to understand the kind of questions asked and the number of good attempts. If you are a SEBI Grade A aspirant as well, you should certainly read the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2022 carefully. It will help you in your own preparation.

SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2022 (General)


SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam Analysis 2022

Before we move to a paper-by-paper analysis of SEBI Grade A Phase 2, let us briefly go over the exam.

  • Firstly, the coverage of the syllabus was quite exhaustive in the papers.
  • A large number of questions were based on numerical.
  • All questions were entirely based on the syllabus only.
  • The number of good attempts (for Paper 2) was 50-60.
  • The level of assessment was moderate-to-difficult.

Paper 1: Descriptive English

Let us make a brief overview of the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Descriptive English paper before we discuss it in detail.

TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Essay Writing1Moderate
Precis Writing1Moderate
Reading Comprehension5Moderate

Essay Writing

Four topic choices were given from among which candidates had to write an essay on any one within 200 words. These topics are (rephrased):

  1. What is Asset Reconstruction in Companies (ARCs)? What are the functions of ARCs? 
  2. Mental health requires is more candour and more unashamed conversations. Discuss.
  3. Role of Banks in Providing Financial Literacy to its Customers
  4. Technological stress and its impact on students & teachers in the education sector.


A passage on Challenges to Food Nutrition despite having FoodTech Companies was provided to aspirants. They were required to write a precis on the same.

Reading Comprehension

Candidates were given a passage on Agriculture & Weather Forecasting. 5 questions were asked on this passage.

Overall, the difficulty level of the exam was moderate.

Paper 2

Take a look at the difficulty level for each section in the table below. It will give you a proper idea of the kind of questions asked from each subject. Overall, the level of difficulty of Paper 2 was moderate-difficult.

SubjectNo. of QuestionsLevel of Assessment
Management5-7Easy to Moderate
Costing5-6Moderate to Difficult
Companies Act6-7Moderate
Accounting5-6Moderate to Difficult

Some of the topics on which questions were asked are:

  1. Philips Curve
  2. SEBI App for Investor Awareness
  3. Numerical on Inventory Valuation
  4. Numerical on Foreign Exchange
  5. Gross Profit Margin Calculation
  6. Numerical on Absorption Costing
  7. No. of directors in the Audit Committee
  8. HRD- Training & Development
  9. Leadership (Management)
  10. Interest Coverage Ratio Numerical
  11. Morale and Motivation (Management)
  12. 15th Finance Commission Incorrect
  13. Notional Price Method
  14. Tribunal Act
  15. Budgetary Control
  16. Interest Rate Parity
  17. Communication Barrier (Management)
  18. Demand Pull Inflation
  19. Book Value of Share Numerical
  20. Reward and Incentive
  21. Cash and cash equivalents
  22. Eligibility to Become Auditor – CA In Practice
  23. Fiscal Federalism
  24. Monopolistic Competition Related Statement
  25. Cellular Manufacturing
  26. Responsibility Accounting

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