LIC AAO Prelims: May 4, 2019, Shift 1 Exam Analysis


LIC AAO 2019 Prelims exam was scheduled on May 4-5, 2019. The first shift of Day 1 is done and many of you might be eagerly waiting to know the exam analysis of LIC AAO Prelims Day 1. Here we are with exam analysis and review of LIC AAO Day 1 (May 4, 2019) shift 1 analysis and review.

Let us look at LIC AAO Day 1 (May 4, 2019) Shift 1 Analysis:

Total 3 Sections with 100 Questions to be answered in 60 minutes (20 minutes for each section). There was no negative marking (a relief for all).

The sequence of the sections was Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English. The level of Day 1 exam was Easy to Moderate& it was easy as compared to last year exam.

LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Number of Attempts

LIC AAO Sections Good Attempts Minimum-Cut Off
English Language 15-17 10
Reasoning Ability 26+ 18
Quantitative Aptitude 27+ 18
TOTAL 55+(out of 70)

LIC AAO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Analysis (Easy to Moderate)

Topic No. of Questions Level
DI(Tabular) 5 Easy
DI(pie chart) 5 Easy
Quantity Based 5 Easy
 Number Series(Wrong) 5 Moderate
Miscellaneous (Arith.) 10 Moderate
Approximation 5 Easy
Total 35 Easy-Moderate

Few Questions asked in the exam:

Q 1. The total cost of the two articles is Rs. 4400. If one is sold at 15% profit & second is sold at 18% profit. SP of both is the same. Find the CP of the second article?

Q 2. Length of the first train is 150m & Length of the second train is 250m. Speed of the first train is 20 m/s and it crosses the second train in the opposite direction in 4 seconds. What is the speed of the second train?

LIC AAO Prelims English Language Analysis (Easy-Moderate)

Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 8 Moderate
Para-jumbles 5 Easy
Cloze Test 7 Easy
Spelling Correction 5 Easy
Sentence Correction 4 Easy
Word usage 5 Easy
Total 30 Easy-Moderate

RC based on Insurance & AI.

Cloze test was very easy.

In sentence corrections, in every question there were 2-3 sentences given, you have to find which sentences is/are correct. More than 1 could be the answer.

In word usage, few sentences were given from a word and you have to find how many sentences is/are correct in usage.

LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Reasoning Ability Analysis (Easy-Moderate)

Topic No. of Questions Level
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles 20 Easy
Inequality 5 Easy
Direction Sense 3 Easy
Syllogism 5 Moderate
Pairs (Forward & Backward) 1 Easy
Coding Decoding 1 Easy
Total 35 Easy- Moderate

4 Puzzles & Seating arrangement:

10 Persons in a row facing north

7 Persons buying a gift, based on sequence, who buys first, second and so on.

The circular seating arrangement of 9 persons facing inside.

Puzzle with 2 parameters

Syllogism – 5 Q

Only a few, Very few & At least were used

5Q inequalities were very easy, 3 of them were in straight lines while 2 were in two liners.

1 question on coding decoding –pattern was +1, -1, +1 , -1.

Golden word was given and Health was asked.

1 Question on a number based on forward & backward direction

a)All S is J.
b)Some S is R.
c)All R is Z.

a)Some S is not Z.
b) Some R can be J.

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Watch the LIA AAO Prelims exam analysis here

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