How do I perform Better in XYZ section


Yes I said XYZ…

Yes I took the liberty to generalize your otherwise specific question…

Because my dear friend, the technique behind addressing all the exam evils lies in a simple strategy..

There is some advice which seems repetitive and redundant. But in truth, they are your savior. Even before appearing for an exam. You, (The student) knows very well where his/her strength and weakness lies.

If you feel less confident about your XYZ section, Plan your every move.

Do not guess the answers.

Using your existing knowledge base, If you mark even 40% of the answers correctly , You are in.

(And there will be at least 10-15 doable questions on elementary knowledge of easy to moderate difficulty level, You have to be Clueless Smurf, in real life to

be that ignorant about these questions)                                                                    .

The mistake lies when you fall into the temptation of “attempting” more questions. Even when you know somewhere that chances are you are doing more harm than good. Do you realize that for every wrong answer, you do not lose 0.25 marks.

You lose 1.25 marks.

Multiply it by 10 wrong questions and resultant is the “Sin” of the Year.

Why because it costs you several months that you will now spend staring the screen, hoping for the next notification.

So as a last minute advice: Just attempt what you are certain of. No Guesses at all. Not even one…..



Never !

But as a long term advice, come back home and take out all your fighting attitude to crumble that weakness. If XYZ is weakness in GA/ financial/ insurance/ computer awareness- Read the capsules again and again.

If XYZ is a topic from Reasoning and Quants, visit the concept again and again-

and one day, 2-3 weeks later even your brain would give up trying to resist retaining that piece of information.

Just like you remember washing powder jingle.

Washing powder Nirma, Washing Powder Nirma,

Thoda sa powder aur jhaag dher saara..

Hema..Rekha..Jaya aur Sushma..

Sabki pasand Nirma…

Washing powder Nirma


Do you want to remember something like this?

Nope. Never in the right frame of mind.

But you are silently forced to. Who does that- Mysterious Brain. 😛

Moral of the story: You can retain what you find forgettable. You just have to force it harder. займ денег под процентызайм онлайн исправление кредитной историизайм под залог недвижимости москва

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