Healthy Lifestyle for Students


                                Students who are preparing for competitive examinations often ignore their health because they are so indulge in studying day and night. By skipping exercise or taking breaks in between studies they think they are saving time but it’s actually the opposite. Research shows that the students can learn and grasp better if they are healthy and well-nourished which eventually help them in getting better memory, good grades and they are able to process things faster.

Health is wealth, you often listen to this from your elders, a child may not understand this but as young adult we can say that it’s so true in many ways. No matter how rich one can get, if he is not healthy, he will not be able to enjoy the luxury he possesses. Health must be put first in every aspect be it anything. Career, aspiration and dream all are important but we can achieve this only if our body and mind is healthy.

Hectic schedule and increasing competition may act as a hurdle in between you and your health but as they say nothing comes easy, you have to work your way towards balancing your life schedule and your health. Do not forget Healthy mind recites in healthy body.

In this article we are going to tell you the ways by which you can adopt a healthy lifestyle with some simple changes in your day to day life.

  1. Sleep on time/Sleep Early:

A young adult needs at least seven hours of peaceful and proper sleep to revive the energy, it depends from person to person and their mode of work. As a student most of your work is of your brain hence, it needs a soundful sleep to work better. Not only the sleeping time but also the quality of sleep matters as it directly related to the health of your mind. There are amazing benefits of sleeping early. By sleeping early, you will see a profound impact on your health.

How to get a good night rest?

Other than going than bed early. Peaceful sleep is equally important. For that: –

  1. Don’t eat big meal late night in a day
  2. Sleep in a warm blanket to have a quality sleep.
  3. Keep electronics out of your room or you can keep your phone in airplane mode.
  4. Try to Keep your place dark and out of noise.
  5. Drink water all day but not so much at night as it disrupts the sleep
  6. Don’t stress:

While preparing for competitive examinations students go through a lot of stress and anxiety. Opting for government examination for a student is itself courageous move to make. Risk one’s career is not an easy affair so feelings of insecurity doubtfulness and uncertainty for future is very common to have but stressing about it should not be an option because it affects both your body and mind. Having said that, stress is common to have but should dealt with utmost care. Stress management is a process which can help you in relieving stress

What can you do?

  1. Accept your mistakes you have done in past and forgive yourself for it.
  2. Accept that there is something or some events that are out of your control
  3. Always have an assertive approach towards your feelings or your opinions.
  4. Keep a positive attitude towards life
  5. Exercise regularly eat healthy a healthy body can fight stress effectively and better.
  6. Drink enough water:

I know you have heard it zillion of times, but this is the most important habit to have in your life. Drinking enough water, a day not only keeps you hydrated but also flushes out excess toxic from your body.

  • Have a measurement on how many liters to drink in a day. You can easily calculate it via internet.
  • Have a water reminder app in your phone. It really helps in keep you are reminding and updating on how many glasses of water you have taken in a day. That’s so cool right?
  1. Make healthy food choices:

Junk foods are tasty, and they are also quick to make but you don’t have any idea how much it damages your skin and overall health. Having junk food occasionally is fine but making it your habit is something cannot be taken lightly especially if you want to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating not only keeps you looking radiant and glowing from outside but also makes you stronger from within, it keeps you out of stress and when you feel stronger and healthy from within you tend to be more productive and efficient in any work you do. It will also keep you away from doctors.

Poor concentration, Laziness, frustration and fatigue, all these are symptoms of not having a balanced diet. As you can see it affects your concentration level too so, there is no need to study for 8 hours when you are not able to concentrate properly, you are just wasting your time.

A healthy body can think better, feel better and learn better. A healthy and balanced diet is very important in keeping a healthy body and eventually a healthy mind. Skipping breakfast in very common in student’s life because they mostly study late night therefore it makes them skip the breakfast this is the most common mistake they do. Breakfast is the first meal of the day; it provides you energy for rest of the day. Have a balanced diet include all the nutrients in youth meal. You can make your health chart based to your nature (Veg/ Non-Veg).

  1. Cutback all the bad habits:

Smoking, alcohol, stress, anxiety, anger etc. all these things not only lead to a sad life but also it makes you look dull and sometimes twice your age.

A cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which displaces the oxygen in your skin and nicotine which reduces the bold flow leaves skin dry and discolored. Smoking also depletes many nutrients including vitamin c which help protect and repair skin damage. Once smoking wrinkles up your face it will have hard to correct the damage even with cosmetic surgery.

Stress on the other hand causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It causes our system to be under red alert all the time. It causes the mind to be over-active, worrying continuously. Stress causes your body to make harmonies like cortisol which tells your glands to make more oil which result in acne and other skin problems.

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal:

Whatever we have discuses is mainly for your body, whereas your mental health is also attached to it. This exercise of keeping a journal is mainly for your mind/ mental health. Make a gratitude journal. Writer all the things you are grateful about in it. Look out for positive in any situation and write about it. Some of your days might won’t go as god as the others but try or find one positive thing happened that day and write about that. This will help you in keeping a positive attitude towards life and also let you be grateful for things you have in life what others may only dream of.

These were the basic things which are must to have in life but you can add your own per active to a healthy lifestyle because its your life and you understand it better than anyone else..

Thanks for reading.:)

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