April Fools’ Day & Its Significance


April Fools’ Day!!

Hey Folks!

It’s the first day of April month and most of you must be quite aware of this day being celebrated as the April Fools’ Day! It is also popularly known as All Fools’ Day. This day is celebrated annually on every 1st of April by playing pranks and jokes and also spreading hoaxes. Thus, the ones on which these pranks are played eventually come to be called as the April fools! This day initially originated in the western countries and exists since the 19th century, where it is celebrated on a large scale where even the newspapers, journals and magazines publish fake news to play pranks on the public and those are either explained then and there below each section in quite small letters which are usually harder to read or are given an explanation in the next day’s news. Many movies, books, Tv shows have already been inspired by this theme of April Fools’ Day.

The exact origin of this day is still unknown, though it is speculated that the April Fools’ Day originated in France but there are no confirmations as yet. The popularity of this day has spread all over the world and people in India also like to make the most out of this day by cracking jokes and playing pranks.

Significance of 1st April for India

  1. Apart from enjoying this day as an April Fools’ Day, India has another important reason to commemorate this day as the state of Oriya speakers: Orissa was established on this day as a province of British India in the year 1936. The original name Orissa has been changed to Odisha since 4th November 2011. Odisha has contributed to the country’s history in a magnificent way and dates back to 5000 years old. At present Odisha is the 11th most populated state in India amounting to 3.5% of the total population of the country. It is also counted amongst the largest states making its spot as 9th largest in India with an area of 155,820 sq km.
  2. Another reason why this day holds importance in India is because 1st of April marks the commencement of the Prevention of Blindness Week which is observed from 1st April – 7th April. The main purpose behind this was to spread awareness among the people regarding all the factors which cause blindness. The people are also made aware of the various kinds of eye injuries, visual impairments, steps to prevent and cure them. Free eye check-ups are held all-over India in different states. It is arranged by the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness- India (NSPB-I).
  • 1st April is also celebrated as the International Pillow Fight Day.

Grammar Note: 

The 1st of April is celebrated as an April Fools’ Day. The ‘s’ in the word fools will always be followed by an ‘apostrophe’ and never will it be preceded by one. Those who could knew it were definitely grammar geniuses and those who didn’t- Happy April Fools’ Day to them!!!

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