RBI Grade B 2021: Achieve the Perfect Score – 30 out of 30 in Quant!


The release of RBI Grade B 2021 notification has come out with change in the exam pattern and the eligibility criteria. This year cut throat competition is on your way with more number of applicants. As stated by Charles Darwin, “Survival of the Fittest” rule applies everywhere. Likewise, you can stay in the competition if you aim to score maximum marks in Phase 1 that is to be held on March 6, 2021. This is achievable by scoring 30/30 in Quant section.

Our alumni, Mahinder Boyapati selected in RBI 2019 scored 30/30 in Quant. He says, “I have cleared the RBI Grade B 2019 exam with the help of ixamBee course and guidance. My all-study resources for RBI Grade B exam were wholly dependent on ixamBee material from mocks to YouTube to course pdf”.

How to Study?

It is evident from past few years that the cut-off in the quant section is 25% i.e., scoring more than 7.5 marks in quant will cross the cut-off line. But it will not be beneficial in reaching the desired target of selection.

In the previous year paper of RBI grade B 2019 the quantitative aptitude questions were fragmented into the mentioned sections. This gives an idea of how the questions are asked and which areas to cover.

TopicNo. of Questions
DI – Bar Graph- Bollywood / number of views – Caselet DI – truck  10Q

Daily Ideal Time for Quant

The ideal time for preparation of quant is 75 minutes daily but if a beginner in quant is preparing then this ideal time shifts to the addition of 20-25 minutes. The time for preparation is directly proportional to the level of the aspirant. The aspirants who have command on quant may reduce the ideal time by 15-20 minutes.

Topics to Focus Upon

  1. Simplification / Approximation
  2. Number Series
  3. Quadratic Equations
  4. Number System/ HCF & LCM
  5. Ratio & Proportion
  6. Average
  7. Partnership
  8. Ages
  9. Percentage
  10. Profit & Loss
  11. Simple & Compound interest
  12. Mixture & Alligations
  13. Time, Speed & Distance
  14. Problems on Trains
  15. Boat & Stream
  16. Time & Work / Pipes & Cisterns
  17. Permutation & Combination
  18. Probability/Venn Diagram
  19. Mensuration
  20. Data Sufficiency
  21. Data interpretation (DI)
  22. Caselet DI

Questions asked will be related to the above-mentioned topics. Topics of same interest can be studied together. Many topics are interlinked which benefits in conceptual learning and better understanding. For instance, questions of profit and loss can be studied cumulatively with simple interest questions. Aspirants aiming to achieve 30/30 in quant cannot skip any of these topics.

Before starting the quant preparation, there are few things which must be learnt before. The concepts described below must be on your finger-tips to ease the learning process better. This conceptual clarity will reduce the time in unnecessary calculations. The concepts you must be clear on are:

  • Tables up to 20
  • Squares up to 40
  • Cubes up to 20
  • Percentage fractions up to 20

Study-Plan for next 35 Days

The first 5 days of preparation are crucial. In these days focus must be on the chapters which count to 10 marks. In these 5 days study the given topics. Devote a day for each topic. This include studying and conceptual clarity on:

  • Shortcut Tricks (Square, Square roots, Cube, Cube roots, Addition, Multiplication, Tables etc.)
  • Simplification/Approximation
  • Number Series
  • Quadratic Equations

In next 15 days, practice questions based on the arithmetic topic. Daily cover one topic devoting 75 minutes. Practice questions and revise the concepts. The topics covered should be:

  • Number System/ HCF & LCM Ratio & Proportion
  • Average
  • Partnership
  • Ages
  • Percentage
  • Profit & Loss
  • Simple & Compound interest Mixture & Alligation
  • Time, Speed & Distance Problems on Trains
  • Boat & Stream
  • Time & Work / Pipes & Cisterns
  • Permutation & Combination Probability/Venn Diagram Mensuration
  • Data Sufficiency

In the next 5 days target on section tests based completely on quant. These section tests will help in identifying the weak areas and the areas to work on. Our RBI Grade B 2021 course offers 20 section tests especially for quant.

The last 10 days of preparation are extremely crucial for your selection. It will help you analyze where you stand in your preparation. It can be achieved by giving mock tests. In these 10 days target10 mock tests, note the time you are taking, analyze the mistakes and work on them. The more the practice the more will be the benefit. The speed and accuracy will depend on the number of questions solved and it can be achieved by giving more and more mock tests.

In conclusion, with all the things the daily work will include attempting questions on DI, note down all formulas/tricks, revision of last day/last week, practice and practice. Mock tests are free at ixamBee. The more work you will do the more near your dream will come.

P.S. Be consistent as Virat Kohli in your work for a month and you will automatically score 30/30 in quant. The most important is consistency.

All the Best for RBI Grade B 2021!

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