3 Realistic Tips to Avoid Burnout amid SEBI Grade A Preparation


Each year lakhs of aspirants attempt the SEBI Grade A exam to become SEBI Grade A Officer. The sheer number of applicants, competitiveness, expectations and pressure also increase many folds as SEBI Grade A Officer exam not only requires immense patience, perseverance, consistency, resilience but also regular practice, and ‘smart hard work’.  Here we are with SEBI Grade A tips to avoid burnout to get you through sucessfully.

You need to undergo many changes, starting with your daily lifestyle schedule, study and sleeping pattern that extends to the kind of people you remain in touch with. However , what needs to be consciously kept in mind is that in this preparation process of SEBI Grade A Officer one shouldn’t get burnt out’.

The Burnout

It’s common practice for aspirants to sit up late at night and study back to back, day after day, which makes the adage ‘burning the midnight oil’ sounds right. No doubt, utilizing the maximum hours is essential to cover vast syllabus of SEBI Grade A but what you need to understand is that you should not compromise with your health while doing so.

3 Realistic tips to Avoid this Burnout:

1.      Count Your Hours

Planned hours based on how long a task might take. It may sound simple but estimates a lot more accurate and more realistic plans. Find your strengths and weaknesses on the subjects you need to cover up, on which subjects you have a good command and what are the subjects that need your attention. These essentials must be sorted prior to preparation.

2.      Prioritize Pragmatically

Prioritizing sounds simple but to prioritize effectively, you have to be realistic about what you can accomplish. Time is the most crucial factor for all type of exam preparation. Most aspirants end up making tight schedules and try to ‘squeeze-in-squeeze-out-time’ whenever possible. Knowing the SEBI Grade A exam pattern and strategizing periodically proves to be crucial in avoiding the burnout.

SEBI Grade A exam consists of two phases. SEBI Grade A Phase 1 exam, is all about speed and accuracy in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English (QRE) and knowledge of current events in General Awareness. The SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam, is all about your understanding of macroeconomic and financial issues and factual knowledge of the syllabus. The pragmatic strategy can be achieved by enrolling in a good online course. The SEBI Grade A Online Course provided by ixamBee is designed to provide all the content in a crisp and orderly manner. Videos on strategy and order of preparation can be useful for you in cracking SEBI Grade A. Also we have experienced faculty pool that are always ready to guide you .

Giving mock tests is really important for gaining experience and getting feedback. The analysis of marks that you obtained in these mocks and how you overcome your weakness will prove to be fruitful in your real exam of SEBI Grade A. A mindful reviewing of mock test scores is meaningful. Brush up your knowledge by the free mock tests provided by us that has been designed keeping the real exam question level in mind.

3.      Make your Breaks Count

Self-care is always an important part of preventing burnout.  Keep reminding yourself why you have embarked on this journey. Each time you are reminded of the reason and your goal flashes in front of your eyes, it will make you realize that all the sacrifices you have gone through are not meaningless. The right motivation can turn the tides in one’s favour miraculously.

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