Which method is better for cracking bank exams: self-studying or attending a coaching centre?


Whilst dreaming of a banking career, the critical question is how to prepare in the most comprehensive manner – whether one ought to depend on self-study or succumb to the lure of the coaching centres, who promise over-night success?  Thousands of students are getting selected by attending coaching centres, so no one can deny their impact on the test preparation.

One important fact is that however good a player you are, guidance of a coach will make you further superior. Thus, a coach definitely helps to improve your performance. However, you can have a coach without attending a coaching class.

You can have a coach and other benefits if you do self-study with self-discipline. Few tips that can help you if tour doing self-study would be:

1) Online course: There is a lot of study material available online. On YouTube, there are videos on almost all topics and you can view as per your requirement. But before watching them try to practice from books and find out areas/topics where you need to improve and watch video on those topics.

2) Online study groups: You can join various study groups on Facebook and ask your queries/ doubts there. Also, there could be several doubts that may not occur to you, but by joining study groups on Facebook and other platforms you get to know the general doubts and the solution to it.

3) Mock Tests to monitor the progress: There are chapter wise, section wise and full length mock tests available extensively online. Identify a Test preparation platform that offers Good quality of such practice tests. Select an online series that has questions similar to the difficulty level of exams. A series having difficult questions, might work as a demotivator. So, refrain from high difficulty level and focus on good quality test series. These tests will monitor your progress and will help you in increasing your speed and accuracy.

4) Create a peer group and get personal advice of successful candidates:  You can find such people over Quora and Facebook. People generally like to share their secrets of success, especially after the have cleared the exam and are out of the competition. Talking to successful people will boost your confidence and you will realise that few months back they were also struggling like you.

5) Advantage of self-study – In a coaching class where 30–50 students study, the teacher goes with an average pace in all the topics. However, in self-study you can learn at your own pace. In one chapter, you can learn slowly and in another, which you already know well, you can do at fast pace. There is complete flexibility of time and place of learning.

However, this flexibility should not lead to laxity at your end. The prerequisite for self-study is that you should have some minimum level on understanding to follow the video tutorial and advice of online channels. Use social media for creating a right learning environment around you. Start your preparation today and find out yourself how you can learn with self-study.

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