It was during The Great Plague of 1665-66 that Isaac Newton made the massive discoveries about the Gravitational Force and devised the early Calculus. That one year when he lived in complete seclusion is termed as Newton’s Annus Mirabilis or the “Year of Wonder.” Being lonely is therefore not altogether bad, in fact, it can be utilized to make the most of your time and awake the Newton within.

Uncertainty about the career has risen immensely during the last 4 months due to the unprecedented economic crisis caused by COVID-19. There’s uncertainty over the date of the SEBI Grade A exam, which was announced in March 2020. There is more uncertainty for many other exams whose notification is probably delayed due to Covid-19 situation. There’s the additional stress of missing classes, the fear of not being able to wrap up the syllabus. Planned schedules are coming to a naught as the crisis and the gloom grows.

In these trying times, it is even more important to stay focused and wade through the gloom to successfully reach the other side. The way Newton discovered about the theory of gravity when he was compelled to be at home. I am sharing some practical tips that will help you in focussing on your career and creating fortune out of this crisis.

How To Remain Positive Amid Lockdown

1.    Being alone is a boon, not a bane:  Sitting at home also means you are connected with people, there is so much to learn online. But be careful not to waste your time on online gaming or social media rather join serious study circles and communities or join online courses, make small achievable goals, give mock tests and stay connected with the world.

2.    Changing with time is the only way to success: Humans are evolutionarily predisposed to resist change because of the risks associated with it. However, as Napoleon once said, “One must change one’s tactics every 10 years if one wishes to maintain one’s superiority.” The pace at which things change is only going to accelerate. Therefore, the way we learn is also changing from Gurukuls to schools and now online learning is making quality education ubiquitous.  It is time for you to realize that ‘online’ learning can help you to make your career. Be a pioneer in adopting this change to change your career path.

3.    Devise suitable work plans: Maintaining a schedule goes a long way in staying upright and fit. A work plan doesn’t necessarily need to concur with the long-accepted standards of “early to bed and early to rise”. Find that comfort zone of studying, map it out, and stick to it. There may be instances where you would fail to follow the plan arduously. Don’t get too harsh on yourself when that happens as it is only too natural, just talk to yourself, make adjustments, cover-up for the loss another day, but most importantly, remember to not make this a habit.

Online Learning Benefits

Now let me briefly explain to you how you can learn online, especially for competitive exams for government jobs. You must be aware that the syllabus for these competitive exams is indicative and no one or two books can ensure the selection. Thus, in online studies you get learning material in the form of –

  • Video Lessons: Short & crisp videos for concepts, covering all important topics.
  • Study Notes: Detailed notes as PDFs for the ease of learning and building fundamentals and revising factual information.
  • Practice Questions: Thousands of practice questions in each chapter helps ion learning reinforcement at various stages of learning:
  • Mock Tests: These are simulations of real exams with the same difficulty level of questions at the same time. You get full-length Mock tests for Phase 1 and  Phase 2 exams
  • Online Live Classes: Study at your own pace and time and get your doubts clarified by the experts through these live sessions. These experts have cleared RBI Grade B, Bank PO, IBPS SO, SIDBI and other competitive exams
  • StudyHive: A unique group study program to help you to learn from your peers. StudyHive will also bring significant improvement in your communication skills which will help you not only in cracking the interview but also throughout your career.

The most interesting part is getting connected online, not letting you get bored. The content in notes, videos and questions gets regularly updated as per the requirement of the exam.

You may experience some courses on ixamBee to experience online learning.

SEBI Grade A course

RBI Grade B Course

IBPS PO course

Turn your loneliness into solitude: Get creative, read novels, pen down your thoughts, meditate, exercise, stay focused on your goal and get to know yourself to the fullest, probably you’d find at the end of the present crisis, a much better version of yourself. This is probably the best time to awake the Newton within you and make a career. 

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain” — Vivian Greene

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