Test Yourself: Computer Knowledge Questions (Mixed) for RBI Assistant and SBI Clerk 2022


In the continuity of the series of Test Yourself, today’s blog is about important questions from the Computer Aptitude section. Below are 10 questions (Mixed) from computer knowledge which are required to be solved in 5 minutes. Answers with detailed solutions are provided at the end of the questions It is recommended to note down these questions in your notebook so that you can revise them in future. These questions are useful for upcoming exams like RBI Assistant & SBI Clerk 2022 and other upcoming banking exams.

Computer Knowledge Questions for RBI Assistant 2022
1. What holds true for  “Internet”?

1)It is interconnection of few computers.

2)It is confined to a space.

3)It is called network of networks.

4)It is centralized network.

5)It enables the exchange of text only.

2. Which extension is for executable/installation files?

1). exe



4) .pdf

5) .doc

3. Smallest unit of an image is ____?






4. EDVAC belongs to which generation?






5. Which of the following enables an object , variable or a method in OOPs to take multiple forms?






6. Which among the following does a computer understand?

1)Binary language

2)High level language

3)Object oriented language

4)Fourth generation language

5)Fifth generation language

7. Full-Form of VIRUS?

1)Virtual information resource under size

2)Virtual infected resource under size

3)Very infected resource under size

4)Virtual information resource under structure

5)None of these

8. What does ‘E’ stand in E-Commerce?





5)None of these

9. What is the base of Octal system of coding?






10. Which among the below is not a component of a computer?

1)Input device

2)Output device


4)Primary Memory



Answer: 1-(3) It is called as network of networks.

A general network connecting several million of computers.

It enables the exchange of data and information.

Internet is decentralized.

Answer: 2- (1) .exe is for executable file that are also for installation purpose.

.gif is for graphical interchange format that is for animated images.

.jpeg is joint photographic expert group for image .

.pdf is portable document format for adobe files.

.doc is document format file in Microsoft document.

Answer: 3- (3) Pixel is the smallest unit that compose an image. Pixels are the small dots.

Answer: 4- (1) EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer) belongs to 1st generation computer made from vacuum tube.

Answer: 5- (3)

Polymorphism : It is a OOPs concept that is refers the ability of an object/variable/method  to take multiple forms.

Example: “Animal” class has different sub-classes like horse, fish, tiger etc. “Animal” class has one method called “Move” which will be defined in different ways in subclasses.

Like when for “horse” class it will be as “trotting” while for “Fish” class it will be “Swimming”.

Inheritance : It refers to the ability of subclass to inherit features of the parent class. It leads to helps re-usability of code.

Encapsulation : It refers to binding of methods/variables/objects of one class together.

Abstraction : It refers to the hiding of the data.

Generalization : It refers to grouping of subclasses into one class. Like Permanent faculty and Guest

Answer: 6-(1) Computer understands only binary language or machine level language comprised of 0 and 1. With the use of translator like complier and interpreter high level language is converted into machine level language or low level language which computer understands and perform the tasks.

Answer: 7- (1) VIRUS- Full form of VIRUS is Vital Information Resource under Sieze. Virus is generally a malicious software program in computer.

Answer: 8- (1) E-commerce is Electronic Commerce that is selling and buying of goods and services over internet without using paper and done over only electronic means.

Answer: 9-(2) In Octal coding system a value is represented by 3 bits which in general represents the decimal value from 0 to 7 with each digit having a weight or value of just 8 starting from the least significant bit (LSB).It has hence base of 8.

Answer: 10- (5) Computer has five components namely input device, output device, primary memory, secondary memory and CPU. Internet is not the component it is network of computers.

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