RRB Group D 2022 Exam Preparation: Free Mock Tests


The Railways Group D exam notification was released in June 2021. Now, the RRB Group D exam date has been scheduled for February 23, 2022. In case the delay in the exam forced your preparation into the back seat, we hope this announcement will serve as a wake-up call. 

In this article, we will discuss an invaluable and indispensable resource for your RRB Group D exam preparation, i.e., mock tests.

RRB Group D 2022 Mock Tests

Why Take Mock Tests?

Let us highlight this fact at the out- There can be no exam preparation sans mock tests. Irrespective of which exam you are taking, you cannot and must not neglect the importance of mock tests in your overall preparation. 

Before you make up your mind, take a look at some of the benefits of taking mock tests.

  • Understand the level of the exam
  • Revise the entire syllabus in one sitting
  • Understand your overall preparation
  • Gauge your preparation section-by-section
  • Identify your weaknesses and strengths
  • Draw a sense of the real exam
  • Eliminate examination anxiety
  • Time yourself 
  • Therefore, work on your speed
  • Understand which topics are more important than others for each subject
  • Practice more questions for topics you find difficult
  • Time management when sectional time is not allotted 

RRB Group D 2022: Find the Best Test Series

What makes a good test series stand out? 

How would you know if you have taken a good quality mock test? 

What should mock tests offer other than questions?

We have listed some characteristics of a good mock test.

  • Must follow the latest exam pattern
  • Should follow the latest exam question trend
  • Questions cover questions from all topics according to their weightage 
  • Must offer solutions with detailed explanations
  • Can be retaken
  • Should give you the feel of a real exam
  • Provide performance analyses
  • Should be bilingual (if the exam can also be taken bilingually) 

RRB Group D 2022 Mock Tests

If you want to find all the above qualities and more, look no further! You have come to the right place. ixamBee offers the most indefectible online test series available for you online. Moreover, RRB Group D mock tests are available completely free on ixamBee!! 

RRB Group D 2022 Mock Tests

RRB Group D Online Course

We also recommend that for any other preparation guidance, kindly take a look at ixamBee’s RRB Group D Online Course. 

All the best!

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