Reasons for Private Sector Growth in Future


The recent layoffs in the private sector jobs owing to an imminent recession, pandemic uncertainties created panic among private-sector employees. Despite this, the private sector employees are keen on hiring more people in India in near future. The hiring viewpoint of almost 77% of employers is higher in India, according to the Mint.

Let us see why there is scope for better growth for the private sector in India.


Reasons for Private Sector Growth in Future:

Since the beginning of liberalization in 1991, India has seen tremendous growth in private sector investments in the country. This has also resulted in better employment opportunities for youth, especially in the service sector. Also, the recent government policies and initiatives are aimed at increasing the private sector presence in the country.

The liberal FDI policy of the government has paved the way for more investment of the private sector. This in turn has created several employment opportunities for skilled labour. Also, government has come up with a Production Linked Incentive Scheme to make India a production hub. The incentives provided in the PLI schemes encourages the private sector to aim at more growth. The recent 5G service rollout in the country has also given impetus to skilled employments in the country.

Moreover, now that the effect of pandemic has receded, the private sector will hire more people, especially the freshers. According to a recent NASSCOM report, more than 3,50,000 freshers will be hired in the tech industry itself. Furthermore, the possibility of Russia-Ukraine war ending in the near future, has also made market sentiments a bit better, considering that the global supply chain will be more efficient now.

Since we know that there’s a huge scope for private sector to grow in future, especially in India, let us now see why a private sector job is better equipped one.

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Why is Private Job better?

Career Growth

There are ample opportunities to grow in the private sector jobs if you update yourself in terms of skills from time to time. Better performance is also rewarded with promotions and bonuses. Also, all the promotions are merit based and not on seniority, hence this is a competitive space and everyone in the sector strives to update themselves.

Salary & Other Perks

Despite having low salaries at the entry level, the private sector jobs will reward you, as you update yourself and try to become expert in the respective fields. Private sector employees of higher class may fetch salaries close to crores or even more than that once they are experienced enough in that field.


In case of private sector jobs, there could be fixed hours for some work profiles, but for others, you may have to work for longer hours to complete the assigned tasks on time to achieve the targets. Also, the work-from-home employees might need to be available at any scheduled time.

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The private sector jobs employees have to update themselves from time to time. There is enough competition around which keeps you on your toes. The constant need to keep you updated also helps you grow in your respective fields.

Promotions based on merit

Unlike the government sector, the promotions in the private sector are based on your performance rather than your seniority. Thus again, this always helps those who are putting more efforts to grow individually as well as for the organisation that they work in.

So, how does one get a private job? What qualification one needs to have? Where to look for a private job vacancy? Let’s see.

How to get a Private Job?

Unlike the government exams, the private sector jobs, especially the corporate sector recruits based on multiple rounds of interviews. Thus, proper soft skills, and communication skills are required to present yourself in front of the interview panel. The private sector vacancy for jobs may not be as frequent as the government jobs.

Also, the private jobs may not have enough opportunities for freshers. You need to have good references in order to get an opportunity to appear for the interviews for jobs.

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ixamBee’s assured guarantee of a Private Job

ixambee has come up with a wonderful opportunity for those who are willing to work in a private bank. The government exams are limited and not many can clear those exams in the first few attempts. Thus we have collaborated with the NIBF (National Institute of Banking and Finance) for the candidates who are unable to get a job in the public sector and are willing to work in the private sector. This opportunity will help you get that secured employment opportunity that you were looking for.

But How to get a Private Bank job?

ixambee has tied up with NIBF, within which you will be trained in the skillsets which are necessary for you to get a job in the private bank. The latest private bank jobs are on the table of ixamBee, and we’re looking for trainees who could get those jobs. To know more about the duration and kind of training, visit this link.

About the Job Profile

Currently we have opportunities in the following domains:

  1. Front Line Sales: Relationship Officer / Credit Officer
  2. Operational: Customer Service Officer

The posting regarding the same will be pan India. However, you could be asked the preferable location of the work.

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A graduate in any field will be considered for these job opportunities. The training and preparation necessary will be provided by ixamBee in the preparation phase.

How much is the Fees?

ixamBee understands that the students looking to get a job opportunity may not afford to pay hefty fees at the beginning. Thus, you will pay the fees only after you get employed somewhere, according to your respective salary.

How much salary is expected?

The starting salary could be somewhere in the range of 20,000 to 35,000. Once you get into the private sector, it is your skills and performance upon which you’ll be judged and promoted to next level.

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These private bank jobs for freshers are a wonderful opportunity to start your career in the private sector. So, seize this opportunity and kick-start your career in the private sector.

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