10 Mistakes to Avoid in NABARD Grade A Preparation


Every year lakhs of students try their luck in the NABARD Grade “A” Officer recruitment exam. However, only a handful get through. In this era of cut-throat competition, doing what everyone is doing is never enough, we have to go the extra miles to reserve a seat. Whether you are writing for the first time or you have written a few attempts, you are always prone to mistakes. Let’s try learning from others. Here are the Top 10 mistakes an aspirant must avoid to come off with flying colours in NABARD Grade A Exam.

1. Ignoring the Previous Year Questions

This is one mistake no aspirant can afford. If you don’t know where you are coming from, you can never appreciate where you are leading. Previous Year Questions not only give you an idea of the level of the paper but also let you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Focussing One at a Time

NABARD Grade “A” Exam is not like the conventional University Exams. So, focusing on one phase at a time is not a good idea. You will have a maximum of 20 days between Phase 1 and Phase 2. So, preparing holistically for all the phases is wise. The inclusion of Economic & Social Issues (ESI) and Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD) in both phases is another reason for holistic preparation.

3. Over-doing ARD

The ARD section is something new for everyone. The past year performance shows that there is an inherent fear for the ARD Section. In order to compensate for that fear, aspirants often overdo the ARD Section and neglect other important parts like Quants, Reasoning, English, etc.

4. Ignoring QRE

Though the Economic & Social Issues (ESI) and Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD) sections form a major part of the syllabus, ignoring Quant, Reasoning, and English may crush your dreams by stopping you at Phase 1. The QRE section accounts for 40% of Phase 1 and one can never dream of becoming a Grade “A” officer neglecting this 40%.

5. Not practicing Mocks

Ignoring Mocks for both phases can cost you dearly. Mocks will prepare you to keep your cool during the exam. It will give you an honest analysis of your strengths and weaknesses during the preparation period.

6. Overlooking Schemes & Reports

 The government’s flagship Schemes and major reports are a big risk to leave unattended. Over the past few years, there were many questions from Government Schemes, major Reports, and Indices.

7. Neglecting Descriptive English

This where many serious aspirants, after giving years of hard work, are forced out of the race. Descriptive English accounts for half of Phase 2 and it can make or break your chances. It is the most ignored section in the examination process and having a command here will be an added advantage.

8. Undermining Bio-Data form 

The Interview at NABARD hovers around your Bio-Data form. People often underestimate the importance of filling the Bio-Data form carefully and not preparing well on the potential questions from Bio-Data. In a race, where even 0.25-mark matters, you should be vigilant to check all the loopholes.

9. Not attending Mock Interviews

Attending Mock Interviews should be one major part of your Interview Preparation. It will let you know of the areas of improvement as you will be judged by an expert panel. Giving mock interviews also instil a higher degree of confidence to face the real interview.

10.   The Negative Mindset

Last but not the least, fearing the exam process or the competition is one of the most common mistakes done by aspirants. Mostly, we are not aware of our capabilities till the time we are not put to a test. A negative mindset will hamper your chances. A Positive person with the right skills and strategy is all that is needed to crack the exam.

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others -Otto Von Bismarck. We hope you keep the above points in mind while preparing for the prestigious NABARD Grade A exam. For complete guidance from Phase 1 to the Interview stage, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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Ravi Meshram
Ravi Meshram
2 years ago

Thanks for the insights sir….it is really helpful