NPS Trust Mains Exam Date 2021 [Announced]: Know your Preparation Strategy


The National Pension System Trust (NPST) Grade B Mains 2021 Exam will be held on July 31, 2021. The First Phase of the exam has already been conducted on March 20, 2021. A total of 5 vacancies were released for the post of Manager (Grade B Officer) of which 4 were for General Manager and 1 for IT Officer. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how we can prepare for the Mains exam to sail through smoothly and make it till the end. 

NPST Grade B Mains 2021 How to Prepare?

There is less than a month to go for the NPST Grade B 2021 Mains Exams from its expected exam date. Now that you are familiar with the syllabus, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you understand how you can use this time effectively so you can pass this exam with flying colours. 

NPST Grade B Mains 2021 Best Preparation Tips

  1. Be confident: Since you have already cleared the Prelims Exam, you are probably feeling confident for the Mains paper as well. Channelize your confidence well and use it to ace your exam. 
  2. Make a timetable: Prepare a new timetable for these last few weeks. Divide your time properly between revision and solving practice papers. If you still have any topics left untouched, you must divide your time between revision and covering new topics. For example, if you are covering one new topic today, you must revise 3 to 4 previously covered topics. 
  3. Know the entire syllabus: The first step is to ensure you have all the resources. If you know the syllabus, you’ll know where to begin. The syllabus for Paper 1 in Phase 2 is common, i.e., Descriptive English for both streams (General and IT). Paper 2 is separate for the General and IT streams. It would be prudent to review the entire syllabus once again to ensure that you have included all the topics in your study plan. 
  4. Selective study: With limited time at your disposal, you have to selectively pick subjects and sections that you must focus on. Along with working hard, it is now time to begin working smart as well. 
  5. Descriptive English: Descriptive English is a scoring subject so long as you devote proper time and attention to it. If English is your strong suit, you should be able to ace this paper.
  6. Don’t waste any time: On paper, July 31st might look like it’s quite far away but in truth, the Day will be here faster than you know it. So don’t waste any time in your preparation. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can achieve today. 
  7. Breaks: Take properly scheduled breaks from time to time so you don’t get burned out. However, avoid taking any unnecessary breaks.  
  8. Mock tests: Mock Tests are a great way to analyze your overall preparation. Not only will they give you a feel of the full-length exam but they will also help you to cognize your question-solving speed and identify your strengths and weaknesses concerning your preparation.
  9. Make a plan and stick to it: Now that we have given you sure-fire tips on how you can ace this exam, the only thing left for you to do is to follow them to the T. Neither can you afford to fall behind in your preparation nor can you let any distractions get the better of you. 

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