SEBI Grade A Phase 2: Last Minute Tips to Give Your Best in SEBI Grade A Exam


SEBI Grade A Phase 2 is just a day away. You might have hundreds of questions lingering around in your mind, just keep your nerves in control and perform your best.

First of all, remember the exam pattern for SEBI Grade A Phase 2, your aim should be to clear cut-offs in each section as well as the overall cut-off. Let’s quickly see the Phase 2 exam pattern:

SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Online Exam Pattern:

Stream Paper Maximum Marks Duration
General Paper I: Securities Market 100 marks 40 minutes
Paper II: English (Writing Skills) 100 marks 60 minutes
Paper III: Economic & Social Issus and  Finance  &   Management 100 marks 40 minutes
Legal Information Technology / Engineering Paper I: Financial Sector 100 marks 40 minutes
Paper II: English (Writing Skills) 100 marks 40 minutes
Paper III:  Specialized subject related to stream 100 marks 40 minutes


Practice free mock tests for SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam

Here are some tips from ixamBee’s experienced faculty to get you through SEBI Grade A- Phase 2 exam with flying colors:

Tried and tested is the way to go during the actual exam. Apply the strategy you are most comfortable with and play on your strengths during the exam.

Never over think or get stuck on a particular question due to your ego. Each question has a specific time allotted to it, and if you are unable to solve, it is always better to move on to the next question. You can always come back to the question in the end if you have time.

The English Descriptive Paper is not a test of your vocabulary or Shakesperian talent. Rather, it is a test of your logical thinking and ability to put forth your arguments in a simple and lucid manner to the evaluator. Maintain a structured flow of the essay from the beginning to the end. You can pen down your thoughts in a rough draft and write the actual essay in the exam.


How often have we seen people becoming anxious to get to a certain place when they are late or in a hurry? Reach the exam center well before time and carry original ID proof like PAN Card, Aadhar, Driving License, etc to avoid any distraction from the exam. Remember, you need 100% of your mind and focus to crack the important exam.

A fit mind dwells in a fit body. Take some time out on the day of exam and exercise for some time; this helps your mind to develop critical thinking which will definitely help during the exam.

Do not stay up late one night before the exam revising last minute topics or points. This will never help during the exam. Rather, sound sleep of 7-8 hours will help you stay focused and stress-free and a fresh and rested mind will be able to solve questions faster.

You know you are the best, leave aside the rest, go out there and have your say.

All the very Best!!!

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