Is Being Proficient in Maths Necessary for a Banking Career?


It would be a blatant lie if we stated that mathematics for bank exams is not important, but at the same time, it is equally imperative to keep in mind that Maths s is not the only prerequisite subject you prominently need to master if you are opting for a banker’s job. Each person’s life demands different pieces of knowledge. What we are taught in higher Maths is cultural, test-based and effectively random.

Basic Math

Yes, basic Maths and its fundamental knowledge are very crucial. However, at the same time, bankers require more skills and need to have an aptitude for challenges as well. For example, when a person starts preparing for, say a bank clerk’s job, then s/he will often worry about the Maths we have to deal with while ignoring the essential skills that the recruiter looks for in a banker like a good knowledge of data advancement, the ability to work sprucely and precisely, good registering and verbal conveying skills, good numeracy and computation skills, superior IT skills and computer proficiency, genuine and reliable nature and a good consciousness to details.

Mathematics for Bank Exams

In-depth Math formulas and methods are unnecessary for a banker’s job because there are many software and functions that help in the banking sector and make their job easier. If we continue talking about the clerk’s job, most of what we do is taught to us on the job by our seniors or mentors. Goal or task-oriented knowledge is more widely spread across a Banker’s job. Certain key responsibilities like assisting customers, administering and optimizing their bank accounts, providing consultative services for clients regarding financial services and resolving business regarding customer accounts do not include proficient Math.

Skill-Set Required for Banker’s Job

Knowledge of best implementation and ordinance involving personal banking, practical knowledge in sales and customer service, working comprehension of MS Office software and basic grasping of retail banking are some of the few basic skills that are required for a Banker’s job.

An analytical mind helps a banker to come up with creative solutions. High proficiency in Maths may give you an edge in your resume but most of the Banker’s work doesn’t involve the crammed formulas and methods.

If we conduct a survey about whether high proficiency in Mathematics is necessary for a Banker’s job, most people would react positively ignoring the fact that intellectuality and skill-based knowledge is more important in the Banking field.

Being open to challenges, having an analytical mind and accepting challenges as they come to help you ace the Banking field. Hence, one needn’t be highly proficient in Maths to harbour the dream of pursuing a career in the Banking field.

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