International Seeds Day: History, Importance & More


Read here the importance, history and significance of International Seeds Day and other related details.

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International Seeds Day 2022

International Seeds Day is celebrated on April 26 every year. This day is dedicated to advocating for patent-free seeds, organic food and farmers’ rights. This day also creates awareness about sustainable farming and challenging the Order 81.

International Seeds Day

History of International Seeds Day

What is Order 81?

The ‘Order 81’ was signed by Paul Bremer, the administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq that brought about several changes to Iraq’s agricultural practices. This is why April 26 was selected to commemorate International Seeds Day.

International Seeds Day Significance

The ISD serves as a day to educate people about genetically modified foods and their hazardous effects on human health. This day also highlights the agribusiness of major US and European companies and their monopoly over agriculture in Africa and Asia with emphasis on India, Iraq and Afghanistan. It highlights the negative impact of large agribusinesses on agricultural land (and the environment at large) to satisfy the capitalistic needs of mass production and consumption at the cheapest cost. The day encourages us to stand in solidarity with farmers in countries devastated by war like Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

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Importance of International Seeds Day

  • As we know, the seed is the primary and focal input for sustainable agriculture. In this case, the effect of other inputs depends upon the quality of the seed used.
  • Therefore, the health and quality of seeds should be preciously preserved against private ownership and the use of any technology that goes against sustainable agriculture.
  • Creates the need to promote a food production system that not only promotes the use of the best quality seeds but also promotes the health of the soil, the ecosystem, animals and of course, human beings.
  • To strengthen the production, packaging, marketing and consumption of local and organically grown foods and food products for large-scale popular consumption.
  • Further, ensuring this method does not appeal to the fringe minority only but becomes a mainstream alternative to food production.
  • To promote organic agriculture and to stand with the organic farmers who strive hard to provide poison-free, patent-free seeds for large-scale organic farming.
  • To create a suitable environment all across the globe to promote innovation in the seed sector by promoting this movement.

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