How a Working Professional can prepare for bank exams?


A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Nowadays, bank jobs are the most sought after job for aspirants looking to make a career in the government sector. Government jobs, along with job security and better perks, also give a lot of possibilities for growth. Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for banking exams to become a part of this esteemed sector but only a handful of them makes it to the final merit list. Working professionals who wish to join this sector find it a daunting task because of the little time left in their hands in a day for the Bank exam preparation.

Whereas, with the planned strategy and will power one can achieve anything in life. If you are the one who is working full time and passionately wants to be a part of the banking sector, you are in the right place. In today’s article, I am going to discuss a detailed strategy to clear the banking exams for the ones who all are working professionals and want to crack banking exams.  

Bank Exam PreparationWhy you should start?

Before you go deep into the bank exam preparation mode, you need to ask yourself one very simple question. Why do you want to become a banker? This may sound silly to you and many of the aspirants don’t really think about this before the bank exam preparation. When you ask this question to yourself, it will give your mind clarity of thought and will motivate you to go further. If you are sure about doing this, don’t think about it twice, believe in your instinct and start preparing for it.

Bank Exam PreparationHow to start?

Now after you decide to give it a shot, the very first thing is to know how to approach the exam. There are various banking exams held during a year. Some of the prominent banking exams are IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant, NABARD Grade A and NABARD Grade B along with many others. First, you need to go through the syllabus and exam pattern to understand the nature of the exam.

You can find both of them (exam pattern and syllabus) from the notification or you can also go through our exam pages to read about each exam in detail. You can also prepare for multiple banking exams at the same time because the syllabus and exam pattern of various exams are more or less the same. After finalizing the exam, give a mock test of that exam to see where you stand at the moment. This will give you a clear image of your bank exam preparation level, your strong and weak points and how much effort is needed to clear that exam.

Bank Exam Preparation Strategy!

                              Attempt your free mock test here

As stated above, the one disadvantage you have over those who are not working is Time. With eight hours job in a day all, you are left with a handful of time. You need to make sure that you are making the most of the time you have in a day. I will not suggest you make a time table on an hourly basis because that will not be beneficial. Instead of that, what you can do is make a list of daily topics you are going to cover.  Write it in your to-do list and try to utilize each second of the day, while commuting, in lunchtime or anywhere you find time to study to complete your daily target.

Make your plan practical and achievable. Sometimes to achieve so much in a little time, we make our time table over achievable and exhausting, causing us more harm than good. Understand your daily routine, keep a count of every second you are spending in a day. This way you will realize how much time you can save just by utilizing this time productively.

Analyze Exam Pattern

After you analyze the exam pattern you will get to know that most of the banking exams comprise of the following subjects.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Logical reasoning
  3. General English
  4. General Awareness
  5. Computer aptitude.

While attempting mock tests, you will get to understand where you stand overall as well as section-wise in the exam. Do self-analysis, see where you can score really well and where you need a lot of focus. Note it down, and start working in that direction.

You can prepare for the exam in two ways:

  1. Self-study.
  2. Take help from experts (Online course).


  • Start with writing the whole syllabus of the exam in a paper.
  • Start your preparation with the section you are most comfortable with. This will boost your confidence and keep you moving towards completing your syllabus on time.
  • Find books that can help you to clear your basics. Sometimes finding the right books can become a challenge. You can take help in this from our exam page’s “Best books section”.
  • After completing your syllabus, start giving mock tests to analyze your preparation. The analysis is very important, this gives a true picture of your level of preparation. Understand your strong and weak topics in each section and try to improve them.
  • With regular mock tests, it will not only improve your score but also prepares you to face the real online exam.
  •  You can take help from your free interactive and informative YouTube Videos where you can clear confusion related to various topics of the exam.
  • To cover the General Awareness section, you can read our Weekly and Monthly BeePedia and BeeBooster.

Bank Exam PreparationOnline Courses

As you are a working professional, you might are not in touch with the basics.  You may also sometimes find it difficult to understand the concept of the chapters. This can be a very grueling situation as this could demotivate you and hinder you to go further in your preparation. When stuck in a situation like this, the best is to ask for help. As you are a working professional, offline coaching doesn’t work for you. You need something which is not time-bound. In today’s fast track world, online courses are picking up pace. Candidates who are not working are also taking online courses as it has many advantages over the offline course.

  1. You don’t  have to rush for the classes:
  2. It’s best if you are full time working professional.
  3. You don’t have to attend more than one class in one go. You can re-watch classes anytime.
  4. They are pocket-friendly.
  5. You get the updated content.

ixamBee is providing Online courses on various banking exams like RBI/IBPS/SBI/NABARD/SEBI etc. to get a glimpse of the course you can get a demo video available on the right side of our online course section. Our Online course offers:

  1. Detailed videos that cover the entire syllabus of Prelims as well as Mains.
  2. The study notes in the form of PDF to help you understand better.
  3. Full-length practice tests (for both prelims and mains).
  4. Chapter tests so that you master each and every topic.
  5. Live doubt classes: To clear any doubt you have regarding any section in the exam.
  6. Interview guidance from the experts: To give an edge over the others. and many more

At last, no matter who helped you and how, the only thing that matters is how dedicatedly you work hard for your dream to make it true.

For more such articles, keep visiting this space.

Preparation to success is the hard work of daily practice with improvement.”

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You can work hard yourself but a professional guidance like the strategies, how to start, why do you need to actually start can make your job easier. Thankyou for providing this useful and informational blog. Great job!