Important Days of August: List of Major Events and Festivals of August 2023


August is the 8th month of the Gregorian and Julian calendars. The month was named by Roman Emperor Augustus, who named it after himself. The month was originally called Sextillia since it was the 6th month of the Roman calendar. Now, it has bid us farewell, and what a month it was! While it’s gone, the memories linger, especially those related to the significant events and festivals that unfolded during the past 31 days.

In August 2023, we witnessed a parade of important days that could very well pop up in your upcoming exams. From our nation’s birthday bash to honouring our sports stars, August was more than just summer rains.

So, let’s rewind the clock and reminisce about the notable moments that marked this past August. It’s time to review and remember. Who knows, this knowledge might just come in handy on your journey to landing that coveted government job. 

List of important days of August

Also, remember that these are important for your static and general awareness preparation for a number of exams. Such as NABARD Grade A, NABARD Grade B, NIACL AO, PFRDA Assistant Manager, UBI SO and HPSCB recruitment, among others. 

Important Days and Events of August 2023

Read on to learn more about the dates and why they are important for us. 

DateEvent Importance
August 1World Wide Web Day The day is about celebrating the World Wide Web, which has made the world accessible through our devices. It reminds us how crucial the WWW is for our modern way of life. World Wide Web Day also aims to let more people know how easy it is to explore the web.
August 1National Mountain Climbing Day It is observed to honour Bobby Mathews and Josh Madigan, who successfully scaled all the 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. 
August 1Muslim Women’s Rights DayAnniversary of the abolishment of the Triple Talaq Bill.
August 1 to 7 World Breastfeeding WeekTo encourage breastfeeding for the health of the mother and the child.
August 6Hiroshima DayMarks the anniversary of the USA’s bomb dropping on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II.
August 6National Friendship DayIt is celebrated in India on the first Sunday in August. This year, the day fell on August 6. 
August 7National Handloom DayTo commemorate the anniversary of the Swadeshi Movement launched in 1905 to protest against the Partition of Bengal.
August 8/9Quit India Movement DayTo remember the anniversary of the launch of the Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi.
August 9Nagasaki DayMarks the anniversary of the USA’s bomb dropping on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II.
August 10World Biofuel DayTo create awareness about finding other sources of renewable biofuel for sustainable development. 
August 10World Lion DayTo create awareness about the dwindling number of lions, particularly, the Asiatic lions and their importance in maintaining ecological balance. 
August 12International Youth DayTo create dialogue about the problems faced by the youth all over the world. Also, the day acknowledges the role that youths play as forerunners of the future.
August 12World Elephant DayThis day is observed to create awareness about the dwindling number of African and Asian elephants and the need to protect them.
August 13World Organ Donation DayTo increase awareness about the benefits of organ donation and to encourage more people to do the same.
August 15Indian Independence Day Marks the anniversary of the end of the British Raj in India and the formation of India. This year India celebrated 77th Independence Day. 
August 19World Photography DayIt is a day to celebrate the art of photography and photographers. It honours the invention of the ‘daguerreotype’ photographic process that revolutionised the art of photography. 
August 20Sadbhavana Diwas or Harmony DayBirth anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi.
August 21World Senior Citizen DayTo raise awareness about the problems and needs of senior citizens.
August 22World Sanskrit DaySanskrit Diwas, also known as Viswa Samskrita Dinam, is commemorated on Shraavana Poornima.
August 23National Space Day This year, August 23 is declared as National Space Day to celebrate the incredible achievement of ISRO’s Moon Mission. Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the Moon’s South Pole on this day. 
August 25-27B 20 Summit 2023 Hosted by India The Business 20 (B20) is the official group that talks with businesses worldwide as part of the G20. It started in 2010 and is one of the main groups that talk to the G20. It includes companies and business groups. The B20 works to give specific ideas on what policies should be done to help the economy grow and improve.

This year, the meeting was held in India. The three-day meeting from August 25th to 27th. The main topic is R.A.I.S.E, which stands for Responsible, Accelerated, Innovative, Sustainable, and Equitable Businesses. There are more than 1,500 people from about 55 countries at the meeting.

However, following the B 20 summit this year, the G 20 summit is all set to be held in Delhi from 9 to 10 September 2023. 
August 25-30World Water WeekTo create dialogue about the importance of saving water and the ongoing water crisis.
August 29National Sports Day Marks the birth anniversary of legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.
August 29International Day Against Nuclear TestsTo discourage the race toward nuclear empowerment among nations.
August 29OnamThis is a regional harvest festival observed mainly in the State of Kerela. 
August 30International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances To create awareness about using forced disappearance as a method to instil fear and terror in society, especially among those who voice political dissent.
August 31Raksha Bandhan/ RakhiRakhi is celebrated on Poornima day in the month of Shrāvan of the Vedic calendar. This is the festival of celebrating Brother and Sister’s bond of love and safety. This year, the day fell on August 31. The day celebrates the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. 
August 30National Small Industry DayTo promote the growth of small businesses and small-scale industries.

The above list includes all the major events and festivals held in the month of August 2023. You must be thinking about whether these are going to help you anyway, but you are always going to be grateful for reading this blog when you start attempting the General Awareness section of any government exam. 

Importance of General Awareness for any Exam

If you are dedicatedly preparing to crack any government exam, then you should never keep general awareness or current affairs aside. You might crack the prelims or phase 1 stage of most of the exams. But you will always need a good grip on general knowledge to crack the phase 2 or mains stage of any major government exam. There are many resources available online. For instance, you can easily download current affairs for free on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Having a vast area to cover in the general awareness, never not leave for the last moment; instead, get into a daily practice of it. To keep up with a habit and memorise it all, you can take daily general awareness quizzes at a specific interval of time that suits you. 


Moreover, August is gone, so you better bid adieu to it and take the best out of it that will help you achieve your dreams of working as a government employee. We hope you find this article useful and that it aids you in keeping at the top of your General Awareness preparation. On behalf of the whole team ixamBee, we wish every government job aspirant the very best for their exam preparation. 

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