IBPS SO Study Plan 2022: IBPS AFO Mains 11-Day Study Plan


How do I prepare for the IBPS AFO Mains?

IBPS AFO Mains Preparation

The IBPS SO Prelims Result 2021 was released on January 18, 2021. The IBPS SO Mains exam is scheduled to be held on January 30, 2022. With such few days at our disposal, what we need is an exhaustive IBPS SO Study Plan 2022.

In this article, we have put together an 11-day IBPS AFO Mains 2021 study plan designed by our mentor Kailash Sir.

IBPS SO Study Plan 2022

Direct Link: IBPS SO Prelims Result 2022   

IBPS SO Study Plan 2021-22: Preparation Strategy

How to prepare for IBPS AFO Mains 2021-2022?

Broadly speaking, the entire study plan will comprise 4 key areas. They are:

  1. Revision of Professional Knowledge Syllabus (Agriculture)
  2. Revision of Current Agriculture Affairs
  3. Mock Tests
  4. Previous Year Question Papers
IBPS AFO Study Plan

IBPS AFO Mains Study Plan

As aforementioned, the IBPS AFO Mains preparation strategy will revolve around 4 focal points. Let us now divide our time over the next few days to cover all aspects appropriately.

January 18Agriculture Current agricultureCrop Production Current Affairs ARD
January 19Agriculture Current agricultureSoil Science Current Affairs ARD
January 20Agriculture Current agricultureSoil Science Current Affairs ARD
January 21Agriculture Current agricultureFarm Irrigation and Agriculture Zones Current Affairs ARD
January 22Agriculture Current AgricultureAgri Extensions (Roles, Definition etc.) Current Affairs ARD
January 23Agriculture Current agricultureHorticulture Current Affairs ARD
January 24Agri Allied Sectors Current agricultureAnimal Husbandry Current Affairs ARD
January 25Agri Allied Sectors Current agricultureFisheries Magazines
January 26Agriculture Current agriculturePlant Protection Current Affairs ARD
January 27Agriculture Current agricultureSoil Sciences Current Affairs ARD
January 28Agriculture Current agricultureAgriculture Current Affairs ARD
January 29Agriculture Current agricultureRevision Revision

IBPS AFO Mains: Practice Test Schedule

Follow this schedule to take practice tests every day.

DatePractice Test
January 18Mock Tests 1 & 2
January 19Mock Tests 3 & 4
January 20Previous Year Question Papers 2019 & 2020
January 21Previous Year Question Papers 2017 & 2018
January 22Mock Tests 5 & 6
January 23Mock Tests 7 & 8
January 24Mock Tests 9 & 10
January 25Mock Tests 11 & 12
January 26Mock Tests 13 & 14
January 27Mock Tests 15 & 16
January 28Mock Tests 17 & 18
January 29Mock Tests 19 & 20

  Download IBPS AFO Mains Study Plan  

IBPS SO Study Plan 2022 Important Topics

Take a look at the important topics for the IBPS SO AFO Mains exam and the sub-topics within them.

IBPS AFO Mains important topics

IBPS SO Mains Admit Card 2022

The IBPS SO Mains Admit Card 2022 has been released on January 19, 2022. Download your call letter today!

We hope you will follow this IBPS SO Mains Study Plan 2021 to the T. however, we also hope that you will remember that your biggest asset is your diligence and dedication. Which is why we are confident that you will excel.

We encourage you to take a look at Kailash Sir’s detailed study plan video as well.

All the best!

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IBPS SO AFO Mains 2021: How to Prepare for IBPS AFO?

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