How To Prepare For the New pattern Questions that are coming in recent examinations?


How To Prepare For the New pattern Questions that are coming in recent examinations?

If I write, that SBI PO 2016 was a shot out of the blue..

Shelling down kids armed with cello blue ball pens..

Knocking them down of their chairs..

Uprooting their faith in ever being able to qualify ..

Despair, Hopelessness, Loss of pride…

The only thing a student was left with- was a refill full of ink :/

You’d be like yeah….we are now used to that kind of heart breaks, S-H- O-C-K-E-R-S  (a more dramatic word to use)..

On the other side of the world, The exam setters watched over the range of destruction that followed the exam aftermath.

Feeling ecstatic about debuting as the NEXT BIG VIllian in the league of Galactus, Ultron,  Green Goblin, Loki ……

Coming at peace with the reality, How should we gear ourselves to fight the new age- Villain and play the protagonist?

A)    Read a Lottttttttt….! Get into the habit of reading in-depth articles online. Because the new pattern tests you a lot on you reading speed and you’re grasping ability alongside.  Ability to give a quick glance on the context and identifying key pointers will help you increase your score drastically in the Reasoning and English questions. As non-verbal reasoning (Inference/ course of action/ assumption etc),  Comprehensions, Paragraph question (To find out the odd sentence that do not fit the para context) or Fill in the blanks etc,  are nothing but exhaustive content bumming out your brain with verbosity.

B)    Be quick to identify the questions that are framed so you can hop over it and move forward. Reasoning puzzles consisting of 4-5 conditional sentences is one such question that deserves your disregard 😛

7 people work in three different department. Each one of them like 7 different colors and go to movies on a different day starting from Sunday to…. Zzzzzz…..!!!!!

My advice: Don’t care about these 7 people.

Why two people like Lily but no likes Lotus, or  by using what permutation and combination they complex their lives by deciding to go on a movie on which day of the week is none of your concern.

They’d eat your brain and time up, that’s for sure.


In English section: Fill in the blanks with missing “Sentences”  ,  Reading a 500 words comprehension passage that contains only 2-3 questions etc are other areas you might want to skip to save your cool in the examination.

  1. For Quants: Missing DI with 4-5 missing parameters, or Exhaustive Data Sufficiency questions etc should be skipped.
  2. Ofcourse individual command over the topics also matter from student to student, but the point being anything that takes 3-4 minutes to answer 1 question of 1 mark should be skipped.
  3.  Mug up entire GA capsules and attempt daily GA quiz from 2-3 sources. As they can give you sure shot marks in the least amount of time and also ensure decent attempts in the overall examination.
  4. While giving the exam do not stop at any point to address any moral epiphany of yours. If the sectional time exhausts and you have attempted say only 13/45 question do not let that hit you. Attempt the next section with fervor, give your best who knows what lies ahead.

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