How to keep oneself positive amid Lock-down!


Positivity can help make things better, it’s like a determination to go on in spite of all kinds of difficulty. Especially during exam preparation, to keep going and to avoid any kind of discouragement you need to remain positive.

Nobody is used to isolation thus lockdown can be a difficult and complex time. However, if we organize our time and set a certain schedule with activities, we all can take full advantage of this time. Motive is to help you keep your productivity and optimism up. With this in mind, here are a few tips that are sure to enable you to perform much more effectively studying from home

Tips To Increase Productivity Amid Lockdown 

Set goals and know that you will achieve it:

For this, first start with a small goal like study a chapter and take a test. But before that, you need to set a goal and you need to achieve it. As you achieve your goal this encourages you to go further. The next test you take will be able to increase your goal to a higher level. This will help you compete with yourself in a positive way.

Short-term, immediate plans:

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop after all.  Participate in online classes being offered and set aside time daily to complete them. Your brain will stay active and the learning will continue.

Plan your day:
It is not all work and study. It is important that you plan your day and include other activities like rest breaks, exercise and time to socialize. Throughout this period, every day represents a new challenge. If you plan them effectively, not only will they pass by more quickly, but you will also take better advantage of them.  

Connect with the world:
Nowadays, distance is no longer an obstacle, so stay connected to keep in active communication with your family, friends, professional contacts and classmates. Clear your doubts by asking them to experts. It is very important to maintain the cohesion and regular contact is the only sure way of doing so.

Learn to disconnect too:

Unplugging from the Internet at home can sometimes be hard, but you need to know when you are starting and finishing your daily tasks. This is the only way to prevent saturation and frustration, enabling you to keep working through your everyday routines with strength and motivation. 

 Put some amazing inspiring quotes on the wall:

An inspiring quote or even a funny one will make you feel lighter and less burdened. This will help you to look at things differently. Even a few good memories in the form of pictures will help you keep going on.

Encourage yourself and discuss with others:

Surround yourself with positive people. This will help you show yourself how useful you are not only to yourself but to others it will motivate you to keep going on. It will give you a new purpose to stand up for yourself.

Remember, it’s all about you:

You need to give yourself some importance to make yourself worthy in your own eyes. That’s when you’ll have the hope to go on. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all me, all the time. There are others but know that you have the ability to gain and achieve what you desire.

Maintain a positive attitude:
Last but not least, it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude, focusing on the here and now, and what motivates you to keep moving forward in your day-to-day life. This is sure to be a complex period, but these are the challenges that define us as people, so take heart and keep moving onwards! 

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