LIC Assistant Prelims 2019: Last Minute Preparation Tips


LIC or Life Insurance Corporation is an Indian State owned Insurance group that was established in 1956 to provide life insurance to every section of the society with main focus on rural areas by providing them ample financial coverage in case of death or any casualty at a very affordable premium rate. Every year it recruits staff in its organization and this year too it had asked online application from all the eligible candidates to fill LIC Assistant post for which the prelims are scheduled to be held on 30th and 31st October. You should have given final touch to your preparation as not much time is left for the LIC Assistant Prelims exam. Given below are some quick tips to follow.

Some last minute tips to crack LIC Assistant Prelims exam

Although each individual has certain plan or strategy that they follow before any competitive exam but given below are some fundamental tips that form the foundation to achieve success in LIC Assistant Prelims exam.

  •  How to manage stress or stress management

The last 24 hrs before LIC Assistant Prelims exam can be very stressful and this undue stress is your biggest enemy. So avoid thinking too much or taking undue stress. Take a small break and relax your body and mind by taking deep small breaths. It will not only freshen your soul but at the same time will prevent you from freaking out.

  • Avoid craving for social media

Social media is a great tool to enhance one’s knowledge but it can also be a cause of distraction wasting lot of time and draining your energy that can be used for something productive. So resist the urge of using social media or any such platform.

  • Review short notes instead of textbooks

The last few days before LIC Assistant Prelims exam is a consolidation period and it should be used wisely. Skip reading long textbooks or full notes as you cannot revise all the text and retain that in your mind a few days before the final LIC Assistant Prelims exam. Instead just go through some important bullet points or short crisp information that you have made earlier.

  • Organize Yourself

The most important task before the LIC Assistant Prelims exam is to keep ready all the essentials and important documents before handed so that you are not in a dilemma. Keep ready your LIC Assistant Prelims admit card along with an original id proof and its photocopy to avoid any rush at the last moment.

  • No heavy preparation loaded with strenuous sessions

Do not try to cover any new topic or load your mind with any new information because it will build up unnecessary stress and drain your energy and capacity to remember things. Take a short break to rejuvenate yourself by listening to music, playing your favourite games or any other activity that you like.

  • Practice mock but avoid being over dependent

Mock test available for LIC Assistant Prelims exam is a good tool to be aware of one’s performance and ixamBee provides mock test for LIC Assistant Prelims exam to help you analyse your preparation. Mock test not only gives you the feel of real exam environment but at the same time make you aware of the exam pattern. So practice as much as you can but avoid being too reliant on them as solving excessive mock test at the last moment will only mess up your concepts that you have mastered over a period of time.

  • Have faith in your capabilities

You have already put in a lot of hard work and effort in your preparation for LIC Assistant Prelims Exam and tomorrow is your day to shine. Have faith in your capabilities and there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Be confident of what you have studied.

  • Smart work along with hard work

In today’s scenario when there is cut to cut competition for every job you not only need hard work but smart work to outpace others. This means the attention you pay to the subject and how focussed and alert your mind is while studying. In others words focus on quality rather than quantity. Read less but be effective and productive.

  • Have a proper diet

Proper and balanced diet is very essential before giving any competitive exam because right food energize your system and improve your alertness and sustain you through long exam hours. Wrong diet can make you feel sluggish and jittery. So have a balanced diet rich in nutrition before LIC Assistant Prelims exam.

  • Have a proper sleep

Taking enough sleep before the LIC Assistant Prelims exam is very vital for memory. A good night’s sleep helps the brain to consolidate what you have learned and make you more productive and effective.

  • Think positive and be calm

Go with a positive frame of mind as positive approach to any exam is more powerful than you realize. You will be more focussed and confident. A positive mind-set before LIC Assistant Prelims exam will help you find ease and you will be able to approach questions more productively.

  These tips will definitely help you to give your best shot at LIC Assistant Prelims exam. Besides this be calm during the LIC Assistant Prelims exam even if you stumble across any question that you do not know because everybody does not know everything. Do the question which you know and are less time consuming then go for question with higher level in the LIC Assistant Prelims exam. Remember these exams are not a tool to measure your knowledge so don’t be disheartened even if you attempt less. Be accurate and have trust in whatever you have done. Do not wait for results and start your preparation for next stage of LIC Assistant exam as the saying goes- HARD WORK BETRAYS NONE

    ixamBee wishes you all the best for your LIC Assistant Prelims exam.

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