Happy International Day of Families: 2021


There is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sibling’s Day, Brother’s Day, Daughter’s Day, and even Children’s Day in many nations. But what about a day for the whole family? Is there any such thing as a day that we can enjoy and honor all of our family members in one wonderful day? There is a day for that as well, and it is known as International Day of Families. Every year on May 15, the International Day of Families is celebrated. It’s a wonderful way to honor our families as well as families all over the world. Happy International Day of Families!

The Term Family

The question “what does a family mean?” is difficult to answer and is subjective. Since its introduction into the English language, the word has taken on several different meanings. The word “family” was first used to refer to “a community of people working for a person,” a now-obsolete meaning. While this early sense may seem to be far removed from how most of us use the word today. The word comes from the Latin word familia, which meant “household,” a term that included both servants and relatives.

In modern meaning, the term “family” may refer to a variety of people or things, including chemical compounds, related languages, plants and animals, and people who may or may not share ancestry. Family is often used in legal contexts, but it does not have a single interpretation even within legal jargon. In certain legal contexts, the term “family” refers to “individuals related by blood, marriage, or adoption,” but in others, the term “family” may refer to groups of people who are not related by these means.

What Is International Day Of Families?

The International Family Day honors the value of families, individuals, society, and cultures all over the world. It aims to raise global awareness about the issues affecting families while emphasizing the importance of families as the fundamental unit of society.

On this day, we must remember that certain families are going through difficult times. This day can be whatever you want it to be. Awareness-raising activities, broadcasts, media interviews, and national family days are some of the items we see each year on or about International Day of Families. 

Reason Behind International Day of Families

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “International Day of Families” and how the day came into existence read the paragraph below. 

In 1994, the United Nations declared 1994 as the “International Year of Families”. In 1995, the Beijing and Copenhagen conferences proposed the importance of family and its role in our social growth, and they decided to specify its worldwide observance as an initiative for the well-being of all family members.

In 1995, International Day of Families was established by the United Nations as a global observance to commemorate the start of this initiative. Since then, it has been observed on the 15th of May every year.

One of the reasons the United Nations established the International Day of Families is that families and their needs and problems change significantly over time, and as a community, we need to do a better job of recognising these issues as they arise. It also emphasized remembering that our families are the foundation of our society.

Even though families are changing as a result of global developments and demographic shifts, they always remain the foundation of society. No two families are alike, and those who are more fortunate than others will hear about the challenges that other families are facing. The United Nations selects a different theme for International Families Day each year .

Theme of International Day of Families 2021

“Families and New Technologies” is the theme of International Family Day 2021. The 2021 observance of the International Day of Families concentrates on the impacts of new technologies on the well-being of families and follows-up on the theme of the 59th session of the Commission for Social Development “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all.”

In this regard, the United Nations has proposed this theme to emphasize the importance of our families and what they mean to us, especially in light of new technology and the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is a family that can return our sorrows and soothe our suffering while refusing to let us sit back in the face of adversity. Family is a means of overcoming social and individual fears; it is a part of our joys and sorrows; it aids us in overcoming economic challenges because every member of the family struggles during poverty and economic failure.

The Symbols Of International Day Of Families

International Day of Families has many interesting elements, one of which is a symbol or logo. The official symbol of the International Day of Families is a green circle with a red drawing in the shape of a heart under a roof in the middle. This is meant to reflect the fact that family is at the heart of society, and that a secure and caring home is essential to everything else we do.

Image Source: Google Images

Importance of the Day

For many reasons, the International Day of Families is important. It raises awareness about the problems affecting families around the world and reminds us of the importance of family in society. Many of us would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our families.

From the time we are children until we are adults, we are raised by our families. Although not all families are great, and there are definitely people who do not get along with their relatives, you should use this day to honor whoever you consider to be “family” in your life, even though they are not blood relatives.

How to Celebrate International Day of Families during Covid-19?

In these trying times the celebrations can be more joyful. We all are getting enough time to spend with our families. Plan some enjoyable events for your family. Alternatively, if you and your family have a special family tradition, reminisce about how it began and make a point to carry it on through the years.

Although our families are extremely important for us, this day is also about assisting families in need. Consider volunteering or contributing to a charitable agency that assists families in your neighborhood, such as a shelter for homeless families or a food bank that provides low-income families with all of their basic needs. During these difficult times, consider donating to families that are struggling financially.

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