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Being successful is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. It does not matter whether the concerned person is a child, youth or the old aged, at each and every stage of our wide life span, we strive towards fame and proceed forward consistently towards more massive successes.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”. The same is true for the aspirants who have successfully cleared RBI Grade B 2019 after relentless perseverance and continuous learning from their earlier attempts at the exam. 

RBI Grade B Success Stories

Mahidhar Boyapati (Selected as RBI Grade B officer 2019)

The RBI 2019 results was a surprise to Mahidhar Boyapati, the Ex-TCS who cleared RBI Grade B with sheer dedication and hardwork! Though he was confident about his preparation yet he was terrified too. What is moving out of his story is that he left jobs at TCS, SBI and EPFO  where he was earning a decent amount, in order to become a RBI Grade B officer and work for the benefit of the country. He achieved this feat by sheer hard work without worrying about the results too much. He studied almost 14 hours every day and shut himself off all social media. Let’s see what he has to convey to you:

“It’s rightly said that success is not a one night journey but it’s all about burning the midnight oil to reach the destination you aimed for yourself. My journey was the same as most of us. I have cleared the RBI Grade B 2019 exam with the help of ixamBee course and guidance. Before switching to RBI, I worked for TCS, SBI, and EPFO, but I always felt that I could do better and this urged me to go for RBI Grade B exam. I was clueless at first when I started my journey but with the immense guidance of ixamBee faculties I was always sure that I would nail the exam. My all study resources for RBI Grade B exam were completely dependent on ixamBee material from mocks to YouTube to course pdf. Lastly, i want to thank ixamBee for helping me in achieving such a feat.”

To know more about his preparation strategy watch the video here:

Aakash Santoria (Selected RBI Grade B officer 2019)

Aakash Santoria is a B.Com Honours graduate with certification in finance, clearing CFA Level  exam and has worked with Science Analytics- an Investment Banking organization. Working with all these organizations made him realize that he was made to pursue a government job.   Basically, there was a sense of dissatisfaction in his job, and a sense of monotony -doing the same analytical work everyday. It was pretty meaningless and hollow. Initially, there was a sense of learning, but with time, even that learning had subsided. He was not content, doing all this. So he decided to quit and started his preparation to get a government job. 

Like many other people he went for Civil Services at first but failed. He also attempted the NABARD exam and decided to give RBI Grade B 2019. 

He was blessed with the fortune this time and cleared RBI Grade B 2019 with flying colors in his first attempt only. 

Aakash always believed in himself and the experiences he had from the previous exams. These are his insights on the preparation.

“I am so much grateful to ixamBee for playing a powerful role in my achievement. ixamBee mocks of RBI Grade B serve as my savior. English and GA were my strongest points but Reasoning and Quants were a bit challenging. But my this fear was overcome when I went through ixamBee videos for these two sections. These videos of ixamBee not only shoved off my fear but gave me the confidence to achieve and target more.”

To know more about his preparation strategy watch the video here:

Kanika Berry (Selected as RBI Grade B officer 2019)

Kanika Berry an alumni of SRCC, Delhi is a commerce graduate. She got selected in Deloitte through her campus placements. Deloitte, an esteemed private job was not what Kanika wanted for her. She always had her heart towards the Central Bank of India, the Reserve Bank of India. She wasn’t inclined towards UPSC. She had a clear vision in her mind- to be a RBI Grade B officer. So, she quitted her job in Deloitte to prepare for RBI and along with her RBI preparation she chose her backup as a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). She was simultaneously preparing for both. 

She appeared in various banking entrance exams to have a check on her preparation and to feel the real exam scenario. It is really important for an aspirant to know where he/she stands. She says that “ixamBee helped me not only in RBI Grade B preparation but motivated me from time to time to work harder. “I have cleared the RBI Grade B 2019 exam. I am extremely grateful to ixamBee for helping me in achieving this feat. The guidance provided by the faculties were of immense help.”

To know more about her preparation watch the video: 

How to become a RBI Officer?

There is no short-cut to success. There is also no sure-shot formula for success. Nevertheless, the success stories of all selected candidates in RBI Grade B reveal a few commonalities. These qualities and habits which when imbibed in the correct spirit, coupled with your own guided preparation strategy, can give you the success you dreamt of.

Planned approach: The first step towards finding success in the exam is to prepare a good study plan. For this, you need to study the syllabus and then, chart out a plan as per your schedule and convenience. You must spend a fixed number of hours every day for your preparation. Studying without a plan is like wandering aimlessly in the dark.

Coaching: To clear an exam as demanding as this, there is a need for smart work also besides hard work. There are some things that only seasoned players and mentors know, like, for example, is the whole syllabus to be covered for all the subjects? How to select the important news from the newspapers for preparation? Which news items to leave out? How many past question papers to be looked at? Where to begin? A good coach or guide can help you get answers to all these questions and more. A good coach helps you with little tricks and tips to increase your score with the same amount of work.

Right Study Material: It is very important to study only from the recommended sources, whether it is offline or online material. There are books and online sources galore for aspirants to get easily confused. Always go by what your teachers or mentors suggest. Do your due diligence on study materials before acquiring them. Studying from the wrong sources would prove detrimental to your preparation.

Mock Tests: Mock Tests, both for the Phase 1 and the Phase 2 are crucial for success in the RBI Grade B. There are many advantages to enrolling for good mock tests. They offer you real exam simulation and also teach you the nuances of time management during the exam. The feedback on your performance will help you analyse your weak points and helps you improve.

Revision: Revision is utmost important when dealing with a gigantic syllabus. Every selected candidate again, emphasises on the necessity of multiple revisions.

ixamBee’s RBI Grade B course is a full-package of all the things recommended by the selected aspirants. The mocks give you real time experience while the relevant study material helps you in saving your time and energy. 

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