LIC AAO 2019: 30 Days Effective Preparation Strategy


LIC AAO 2019

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India recently released its official recruitment notification for the post of AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer) for Generalist/IT/Chartered Accountant/Actuarial/Rajbhasha.This notification was awaited by a majority of job aspirants, as it is one of the most lucrative and rewarding jobs in the government sector, especially in the insurance sector. The notification of 2019 came after a break of two years, as the last examination was held back in the year 2016. LIC has released 590 vacancies in its notification for the year 2019. The application process has commenced from 2nd March and the LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Exam has been tentatively scheduled on 4th & 5th May 2019.

What’s New?

  • The exam pattern of the LIC AAO 2019 has a slight change this time. Earlier there used to be a two – stage selection process, whereas in the year 2019 LIC has also adopted the usual selection procedure like all other exams, having three stage process:
  • Phase I – Preliminary Exam
  • Phase II – Mains Exam
  • Phase III – Personal Interview

To become an LIC AAO, one needs to qualify all the three stages of written exam and interview.

  • The English section in the Prelims Exam will be qualifying in nature and the marks will not be considered in the ranking process.

Is it Good or Bad news?

Looking at the recent pattern, almost all the exams have been based on a similar pattern of online objective type tests, sometimes including an English descriptive test in the Mains examination. More or less the subjects are also similar, and there might be a slight change on the basis of the posts. Overall, we can say that it is not a bad news for the aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams since few months or years. However, there are less chances of some percentage of such aspirants who must be focusing ‘only’ on LIC AAO recruitment and this news might come as a surprise for them. Although, as the notification could not be released in the last 2 years unexpectedly, there might be a larger number of aspirants who shifted their focus to other government exams and thus they must be quite familiar with the changed pattern.

In all, the news can be taken in a balanced way.

LIC AAO Preparation Plan for 30 Days

As the LIC AAO 2019 notification has been released already, it is a very crucial time for all those who were curiously waiting for this notification and needed to give a new direction to their career. Whenever a new recruitment notification gets released, it is followed by a phase of perplexity, second thoughts, fear, decision-making etc. Thus, we can say that there are some common questions that an aspirant ponders over, just as:

  • Which exam should I apply for?
  • Is it worth my time and money?
  • Is it okay to leave everything aside and focus on this one exam?
  • Should I opt for coaching or self-study?
  • Should I go for online or offline coaching? Etc. etc.

After you are able to get an answer for the first three questions, you should also realize that irrespective of whichever examination you apply for, whether it is worth your money or time, if it is okay to leave everything aside for it, the basic formula remains the same in all conditions, i.e.

   Decision + Dedication = Achievement

Taking a ‘decision’ is not just the only task you need to accomplish when you are looking out for options. Your decision needs to be followed by unwavering dedication which will ultimately lead to the achievement of your goals.

LIC AAO is one such examination which needs your focus and a determined approach which will surely lead you to the path of success. Being one of the best jobs in the insurance sector, LIC AAO undoubtedly needs a detailed preparation plan, owing to the large number of candidates that apply for this job, which makes the competition even tougher. There are some basic steps which you need to keep in mind when you start your preparation.

   LIC AAO 2019 Prelims: Some Basic Tips

  • No Shortcuts to Success – The main thing to be kept in mind before starting your preparation is, that there will never be any secret formula or any secret to success. The road to success goes through hardships and hard work.
  • One Vacancy – When you start your preparation, the only thing that should bother you is that one seat!! You need to shift your focus from those 589 vacancies and concentrate on that one seat which you need to occupy.
  • Know the Pattern – Before  you start the preparation for any examination, the first concern should be gathering information regarding the exam pattern. The LIC AAO Prelims Examination is scheduled tentatively on 4th & 5th May. The Preliminary or Prelims Exam of LIC AAO will be an online test which will consist of the usual three tests having MCQs: English Language, Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning.
  • Know the Syllabus: After you know the complete pattern of the examination, it is necessary to collect all the details regarding the syllabus to kick- start your preparation.
  • Slow & Steady Wins the Race – Avoid rushing off with the syllabus. It is advisable to start your preparation at least one month before the exam. Please concentrate on the word ‘at least’. At most you can start your preparation as per your schedule and according to the time available with you.
  • Tough gets going – Once you make up your mind to prepare for any exam, you also need to train your mind to stay tough and strong even at times when you start losing confidence in yourself and start getting tired. The tough should and always gets going.
  • Make a time-table – The first and foremost thing you need to do is to sit and plan and then make a fair time-table where you need to cover each and every subject and its topics.
  • Set realistic goals – Avoid getting carried away with too much of motivation and do not forget your capabilities and potential. Set realistic and achievable goals.
  • One size never fits all –  There is never a size that may fit all, likewise, there will never be a strategy that fits all. Following a general strategy may help each one of you, but you need to be sensible enough to not blindly go after anything and everything that comes your way. Choose wisely! Copying or following someone is easy, but without putting an extra effort none of the strategies will work for you.
  • Identify your strengths & potential – Carrying forward the previous point, you need to realize your strengths and work on them even more to make them stronger. Identifying your potential would help you even in the long run, as it will add up to your confidence.
  • Pick the best study material – Study material is something which forms the foundation of your preparation. If you choose a mediocre material, it will be of minimal use. In this online generation, you may find a lot of online study material lalong with the offline one. You can go for a good LIC AAO Online Coaching, where you may find all the material that you need for your preparation and avoid wasting your time on searching for the best material.

LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Preparation Strategy for English Language

English Language has been a subject feared by many. Almost all the exams these days check candidates’ knowledge of English grammar and language through both objective and descriptive tests. LIC AAO will also contain English Language test and candidates need to brush up their knowledge. Here are some common steps that you need to follow to fare well in Englsih section:

  • Take one topic a day – Looking at the syllabus, it might seem puzzling and frightening. Moving one step at a time might give a clearer picture gradually. Having a month at hand, you can easily cover one chapter / topic a day.
  • Read and read as much as you can – The only secret to success in this section is ‘reading’. Nothing can save you as much as reading can. English is a confusing and vast language and cannot come easy unless you make it a habit to read. Grab whatever you can.Read English newspapers, articles, books, online material. The options are endless.
  • Exercises – Don’t forget the importance of exercises. There is no other alternative to practice. Thus, as soon as you finish off one topic, practice questions related to it. You will not only strengthen the knowledge of that chapter but also learn the words usage.
  • Highlight the new – Reading accompanied by regular and quick notes of new words would go a long way in sharpening your vocabulary and sharpening your word power.

LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Preparation Strategy for Reasoning Ability

Reasoning is an ability that can be counted among the inherited qualities. Every individual may have a different level of reasoning ability or capacity than the other. How well you are able to reason out on a given situation / context / question, is what an examiner is willing to test in you. That brings us to some useful pointers related to this section:

  • Scan the syllabus – Before you start the preparation, scan the syllabus and pick out chapters that seem easy. Get hold of those and start practising.
  • Reason out – You need to realize that every individual has his/her own strengths and weaknesses and therefore you need to reasonably also leave out on some of the chapters that you think will take too much of your time.
  • Segregate the topics – Check out all topics / chapters and accordingly devote time to them, based on your interest, time and abilities. Try to give equal attention to all the topics but change your time-table as per the time-availability. Do not necessarily stick to the formula of covering all chapters.
  • Don’t let puzzles puzzle you – Puzzles are common in most of the examinations, and therefore you need to give ample amount of time to the practice of puzzles. Practice will definitely help you improve this section.
  • Track your timeReasoning is a section which will test your time management on a higher level, as you need to solve some typical logical questions while keeping track of the time. Thus, always practice with a watch beside you.

Tips for the Exam Hall:

  • Scan the paper – Scan the complete reasoning section for questions that are easier to solve first and keep the lengthy ones for the last.
  • Learn to leave – This may sound odd but learning what to leave and what to grab in an examination, is where the art lies. The ‘art of skipping’ is most important in such examinations when you have the clock ticking and you time-bound in each section.
  • Stay less, solve more – Make up your mind before you enter the exam hall that you need to stay less on any question. Keep in mind that you can not solve ‘all’ the questions in the time given, thus detach yourself from the temptation of solving a puzzle or any such question when you are lacking time. You can get back to it later, if you are left with some time.

LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Preparation Strategy for Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude  in simple words is a test of your calculating and solving skills. Quant is a matter of numbers. It might come off as a difficult section for many, and easy for some. You need to be able to brush up your skills to the extent where you can manage to qualify the section.

  • Play with numbers – Quantitative Aptitude or Quant is all about numbers. You need to practice as much as you need to reach the extent that you become comfortable with the numbers and let the fear go away.
  • Quant is EasyKeep this phobia of solving mathematical questions out of your mind. It isn’t that tough as it might seem to be. Right approach to the subject will solve your problem of solving questions.
  • Take it smooth – There will always be some part of the exam paper which will be manageable by almost all the candidates giving the exam, so you do not need to panic at all. Just the right amount of attention given to the subject, will solve all your troubles. If you ‘pick one chapter a day’, you will be able to brush up your skills easily in a month.
  • Accuracy is the key – In Quantitative Aptitude section, accuracy is the key and the secret to succeed. The only big advantage of this section is, either you can solve a question or you can not. Sometimes you may lose track while solving a question and that’s where you will lose out on the accuracy point and lose marks.
  • Get hold of the formulaeLearning all the formulae is the special formula to achieve your desired goal in this section. A formula is the basis of any question. No short-cut will help you in the long run, if you do not know the established formula of that particular chapter.
  • Mock the gameRemember, that all hard work may go in vain if you don’t practice well. You can brush up as well as test your knowledge by practicing mock tests.

Practice free mock tests for LIC AAO  and lead yourself to the path of perfection and success.

Dividing the topics of all subjects/sections equally is where the key to perfection lies. But, also don’t stress yourself too much to attain that perfection. Perfection lies in doing whatever you pick in a complete and perfect manner. In this case perfection doesn’t mean that you ‘have to’ necessarily waste your time and energy on such a topic also which is out of your capability or understanding. So, you  need to make a smart and fair choice for yourself while choosing a career, an examination, a preparation plan. Pick what suits best!

Prepare for the best and leave out all the rest!

All the Best!

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