Happy Friendship Day 2019


                     FRIENDSHIP DAY 2019

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together”

One of the most beautiful relationships one can have is friendship. Friendship is beyond all barriers of the age gap, society, colour, and cast. We are surrounded by many wonderful people who come and go at various points in our lives, however, friends are those who leaves a mark, an impression on our lives. Friends are those who uplift us even when we lose faith in ourselves. Parameters of a friend and friendship cannot be defined. Friends never wither away but shine brightly with time, A true friend is the one with whom you share an eternal bond.

With friendship day 2019 around the corner, we have come up with an article on friendship day so that you can revisit the time you spent with your friends and to remind what importance they persist in your life. 

Who is a good friend? A good friend holds certain characteristics as shown below:

  • They listen to you:

Because of the stress and chaos, we have in our life related to family, career etc. we want to speak our hearts out. We want somebody to listen to us without making any opinion or judgement. A friend is one to whom you vent out all your feelings.

  • They are your Go-to adviser:

No matter how old one can get, to have confidence in what we want to do, we always need advice or validation to go with that thing. A true friend is one who gives you his honest opinion about things no matter how harsh it is because in the end it is your well-being that is needed.

  • They don’t expect anything in return:

A friend’s love is unconditional. All they need is for you to be happy.

  • They understand you before you tell them:

You don’t need to tell them what’s wrong. They can easily read it in your face.

  • They don’t get jealous of your success:

They are always motivating you to get bigger and better. They are the happiest    besides your family on your success.

EPIC tale of Lord Krishna and Sudama:

We all know the story of Krishna and Sudama on this day friendship let’s revisit it:

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While lord Krishna prospered and becomes rich, Sudama remains poor. Someday he didn’t even have enough food to feed his kids, seeing that one day Sudama’s wife asked him to take help from lord Krishna for which he first resist but later agreed because he didn’t want his kids to suffer. 

As per custom his wife brought some rice from neighbours and gave it to Sudama for Krishna as a gift. After reaching Dwarika, Sudama was amazed to see such a beautiful city. As he was wearing a torn dhoti, he was obstructed by the guards. Sudama told them that he is lord Krishna’s friend and request them to tell him that he came to meet him. After knowing that his friend Sudama is here, lord Krishna ran barefoot to meet him and hugs him. Poor Sudama was resilient to give him the gift(rice) he got for lord Krishna but after lord Krishna’s constant urge for the gift, he gave him the rice he got for him. Lord Krishna eats the rice with great affection and love. Sudama was overwhelmed by the kindness shown by lord Krishna. They spend some time together and after that Sudama returned to his home without asking him for help. He was ashamed to ask for that.

To his surprise, his house was now a palace and his kids and wife were sitting there wearing fine clothes. It was Lord Krishna who did all this. Even without asking, lord Krishna knows what Sudama needs. 

Moral of the story is: A friendship doesn’t differentiate on the basis of status. They are there with you when you need them.

History and Some Facts about the Friendship Day:

  • It is the 90th friendship day that we are celebrating.
  • In the USA and Indian subcontinent, the friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August which is on 4th of august in 2019.
  • Whereas on April 27, 2011, the general assembly of the United Nations declared 30th July as the official international day of friendship. 
  • The UN observes international friendship day to observe the importance of friendship and to prevail peace between the communities.  
  • It was first proposed by Paraguay in 1958 as international friendship day.
  • This term friendship day was coined by Joyce hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1930.

How you can celebrate Friendship day 2019?

As friendship is not something which requires a particular day to be celebrated but in this steadfast busy life, this day holds its importance as on this day people can express their gratitude towards each other for having their back when needed the most. Also, this can be a day to remember all the memories you have with each other.

Here are some ways you can make the best use of this day and could make it memorable.

  • Make some plans to go out with your friends:

If you and your friend are not living so far from each other you can plan to go out but it must not be a movie theatre because there you will not get a time to actually talk to each other. You can opt for a coffee shop or any restaurant you both love to go.

  • Plant a Tree:

No expensive gift can beat a handmade card because this shows your intensity or your spuriousness for your friend but isn’t it nice if instead making a card you both plant a tree. With increasing CO2 levels in the earth, we are facing serious issues like global warming and with this small act we can do our share towards protecting our environment. 

  • Bracelets can do the work

Friendship day band and bracelets are out there in the market. The variety can overwhelm you; they are everywhere, even the 90’s style bracelets are back in style. You can make one for your friend to make her/him feel even more special.

  • Make a ritual on this day: 

To make this day even more special you along with friends can make a ritual, it could be anything, like on this day you guys will meet at some place you decided and spend some quality time no matter in which corner of the world you are. You can write letters(email) to each other on this day and tell them what importance they hold in your life. This will make your bond stronger than ever.

Hence, friends are the backbone of our life and one must cherish unfeigned friendship. One may have countless friends in the best days of one’s life but only a few remain during hardship. These few friends that are continuously supporting and motivating you are the ones to keep forever in life. 

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