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Logical Reasoning puzzles form an intrinsic part of examinations like IBPS SO, SBI PO, SSC, FCI Manager and other such government examinations. These are mostly arrangement-based or picture puzzles. Puzzles are tested to gauge the test-taker’s ability to reason, analyse and solve problems effectively.

Puzzles are a format of questioning in which raw data is given which needs to be arranged systematically to deduce the correct answer. Puzzles may be questioned in a variety of formats. They may involve verbal reasoning, sequences, the position of units that follow in a series, tables and simple mathematical problems.

Puzzles have become a vital part of the reasoning section, especially for banking exams. You can expect 70% of the questions from this section in Prelims as well as Mains. The only difference is in the difficulty level. You can score well in this section if you have a grip over this section.

Information-based puzzles

Information-based puzzles are presented as a chunk of data. There are several units (e.g., boys, children, cats and such) in question about which some other related information is also given. Here, candidates are required to connect the information with the units in questions and then answer questions based on the data given.

Ranking -based puzzles

In ranking-based puzzles, a sequence of units or persons is given to us which has to be arranged in a particular order. To help candidates arrange these units in order or rank, some other related information about the same is also provided. Once candidates have arranged the units in accordance to their ranks, they can begin answering the questions that follow. Floor-based puzzles: As the name suggests, floor-based puzzles have units that are on separate floors. Here, candidates need to determine who is on which floor. Other variables may be included such as particular preferences of the people living on the various floors, their height/weight, professions and so on."

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