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Simplification is one of the most important topics that is tested in any government examination. You can expect 3-5 simplification questions as a part of the section testing the candidate’s Quantitative Aptitude ability. Simplification questions for bank exams are evaluated in examinations for SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS SO, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Group B among others. This assessment helps the examiner to evaluate a candidate’s ability to work with numbers and perform simple calculations. Most government exams such as among others assess candidates’ abilities off of this subject.

Questions from this topic are frequently asked in the banking exams such as IBPS/SBI and others. Good grip over this topic can fetch you 5 marks in under 2 to 3 minutes. Let’s understand this chapter in detail.

What is Simplification?

As the name itself suggests, simplification in math are problems that require candidates to solve or simplify a complex equation to find the correct answer from the given choices. While the working of the simplification problem itself might not be asked or assessed, a clear understanding of how to simplify expressions is elementary to obtaining the correct answer. These simplification problems are solved using the BODMAS method.

What is BODMAS?

BODMAS is an acronym that stands for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. The BODMAS rule defines how a complicated mathematical problem should be approached when more than one arithmetic operation is involved. The equation is approached by solving the operations within the bracket first. When the answer to the problem within the bracket is obtained, the brackets are removed. Next, the orders (if any) are expanded followed by division. Multiplication of required factors follows next in step with the answer being added to the given factor. Finally, the number obtained is subtracted from the given number. The final answer obtained is the answer to the equation.

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