Paragraph Completion forms an essential part of the English Language syllabus of various competitive exams like- SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS SO, RBI Grade B, SSC, SEBI Grade A and many others. Candidates can expect around 5 to 8 questions in the exam.

What is Paragraph Completion?

In Paragraph Completion, a paragraph will be given with missing blanks. The candidates are required to find the best option from the given options that fits perfectly into the paragraph. This topic is somewhat similar to Cloze Test and Sentence Fillers. Types of Sentences in Paragraph Completion

Given below are the types of sentences used in Paragraph Completion-

Initiating Sentence- In this type, the candidates have to figure out the perfect introductory sentence after reading the paragraph.

Connecting Sentence- Here, some sentences act as connectors between the initiating sentences and concluding sentences.

Concluding Sentence- Figuring out the concluding sentence is slightly tricky. Before choosing a sentence as a concluding sentence, you must make sure that it sums up the entire passage in a logical and complete manner.

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