Directions (28– 32): Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. Sachin, Tarun, Rajan, Asha, Vanya and Kunal are students of Kelvin College. They decided to watch a movie on Sunday and they also like different colours. Each student watch one movie only and the six movies watched by them are Finding Nemo, Rio, Up, Lion King, Shrek and Cars and the colours they like are Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. 1. Asha does not like Blue. 2. The student who like green does not watch Cars. 3. Vanya likes neither Blue nor Green. 4. Sachin likes Pink. 5. Neither Rajan nor Asha watched Rio. 6. The student who watch Up likes yellow colour. 7. Tarun watch Cars. 8. Kunal, who watch neither Finding Nemo nor Rio, likes Orange colour. 9. The student who likes Blue watch Shrek.

    Which of the following colour does Asha like?

    A Red Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B Orange Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C Blue Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D Green Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E None Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    Step I: According to the data given in the questions the table will look like below: Step II: The student who watch Shrek likes blue so it will be Rajan because Tarun watch cars and kunal will be watching the remaining movie i.e. Lion King.        Step III: Vanya like the remaining colour apart from blue and green i.e. yellow and he watch up according to statement 6. Step III:Asha likes the colour apart from blue i.e. Green and Tarun likes the remaining colour i.e Red, Asha did not watch Rio so she watch Finding Nemo and Rio is watched by Sachin.  

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